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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Service Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
11/15/18 Platform CS Connect 2018.3.4 Notice 10/22/18 2018.3.4 Release of v. 2018.3.4 update of Accounting CS

The v. 2018.3.4 update of Accounting CS is tentatively scheduled for release on Thursday, November 29th.  It is scheduled to be installed in Virtual Office the evening of Wednesday, November 28th. 

10/31/18 Platform QuickBooks Online 2018.3.2 Verified 11/15/18 TBD QuickBooks Online: Error when importing accounts that have the same name for an active and inactive account

When importing from QuickBooks Online you may receive an error of, 'The given key was not present in the dictionary.’ You may receive this error if in QuickBooks you have an inactive account with the same name as an active account and you import a transaction that uses the inactive account.


1. View the Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks Online.

2. Click the gear at the top right of the Chart of Accounts dialog and mark the checkbox to view inactive accounts.

3. Search the Chart of Accounts for accounts with the same name.

4. Change the name of the active account.

5. Make the inactive account active, change the name and make the account inactive again.

6. Import into Accounting CS.

11/14/18 Platform QuickBooks 2018.3.2 Testing Fix 11/14/18 Pending Release An error may occur when attempting a QuickBooks Export

The following error may occur when attempting a QuickBooks Export:

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

at CS.Accounting.UI.Main.QuickBooksExport.QuickBooksDataSender.GetQuickBooksGLAccountFullNameAndNumberAndType(Int32 acsGLAccountKey, String& quickBooksGLAccountNumber, String& quickBooksGLAccountType, String& quickBooksClass) at (XmlWriter xmlWriter, Int32 glTransactionKey, Int32 payableTransactionKey, Int32 temporaryTransactionIDTransactionKey, DateTime transactionDate, String transactionReference, String transactionDescription, IEnumerable`1 journalEntryDistributionsList, Boolean useInMemoryMappings, Boolean sendDirectlyToQuickbooks) at CS.Accounting.UI.Main.QuickBooksExport.QuickBooksDataSender.SendTransactionsToQuickBookCS.Accounting.UI.Main.QuickBooksExport.QuickBooksDataSender.AddJournalEntryversion12(XmlWriter xmlWriter, Boolean useInMemoryMappings, String reference, String description, String nodeTransactionDate, IEnumerable`1 journalEntryDistributionList)

11/14/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.0 Testing Fix 11/14/18 Pending Release Indiana county tax calculations are not using the updated tax tables

The Indiana county tax tables were updated effective 10/1/18 and are not currently in the system.

11/14/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.1 Verified 11/14/18 TBD Missouri state withholding tax calculation is not using the updated tax tables

The MO state tax tables were updated and are not currently in the system.

Our development team is currently looking into this.

11/01/18 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2018.3.2 Verified 11/02/18 TBD Bank Rec: Sorting by Amount does not work properly if the rows are grouped by any of the column headers

In the bank rec and impound bank rec, the Amount sorting doesn't work if rows are grouped by any of the column headers using the gray grouping area.

11/01/18 Accounting Reports 2018.3.2 Testing Fix 11/15/18 Pending Release Date options of All and Range of (none) to (none) not working for Accounting reports and statements

In Accounting reports and financial statements, using "All" or an open-ended "Range" (i.e. none to none) will erroneously assume the client's current period. As a workaround, use "Range" and enter start and end dates that will encompass the data needed.

10/31/18 Platform Platform Notice Notice 10/31/18 N/A Certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site

Thomson Reuters' certificate vendor has changed. As a result, you may receive a certificate error on a Thomson Reuters site. To clear the error and view our sites, work with your IT professional to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply any outstanding Windows updates to the machine(s) experiencing the issue.
  2. If your firm restricts automatic root certificate updates, add COMODO RSA Certificate Authority to your trusted root.

As a workaround, you can click the option in your browser to continue to the site after receiving the certificate error. The wording and location of this option varies depending on the browser.

10/30/18 Payroll On Demand 2018.3.2 Testing Fix 10/30/18 Pending Release On Demand Batch Entry is making pay items inactive on employees in some situations

When an On Demand Batch payroll is entered with multiple pay items in some situations pay items become inactive on the employee. This happens if at least one of the selected items is currently active on the employee and at least one is inactive on the employee setup. Once the batch is saved, any of the selected items that were active on the employee would become inactive.

On Demand still works properly if all the selected items are active on the employee, or if only one item is chosen for On Demand purposes whether active or inactive on the employee.

10/30/18 Payroll 1099 2018.3.0 Verified 10/30/18 TBD 2018 1099-Misc Copy C box 17 State/Payer's state no is missing the state variable and state number is cut off

The 1099-Misc Copy C (For Payer) Box 17 variable for the State abbreviation is missing and the state number is getting cut off.


In File > Layout Designer open the 1099MISc layout within the 1099 Forms > 2018 folder. Add the TaxForm.1099MISC.StateAbbreviation variable to box 17 and make the TaxForm.1099MISC.StatePayerStateNumber variable wider and save the layout.

10/29/18 Payroll Impound 2018.3.1 Verified 10/29/18 TBD Display/Refresh issue when Tax agents or Payroll agents are set to Selected on the Client Impound tab

In Setup > Clients on the Impound tab if you choose Selected for Tax agents or Payroll agents and choose some agents within the ellipsis when you Save the client, the selection will change to All. However, if you edit the client it will properly switch back to Selected as this is a display/refresh issue only.

10/29/18 Payroll On Demand 2018.3.0 Verified 10/29/18 TBD Utah SIT does not calculate for On Demand checks using Supplemental - Flat as the withholding method

Utah SIT does not calculate for On Demand checks using a pay item setup for supplemental wages and choosing the "Supplemental - Flat" state tax withholding method.

Utah withholding does not have a supplemental wage rate. The program is treating that as a zero tax rate and providing a zero SIT amount.

Utah supplemental wages should be treated as regular wages for taxing purposes, our development team is looking into changing how we use Utah supplemental wages.


Do not use On Demand for Utah supplemental wages or manually calculate the tax and override the tax on the On Demand check.

10/29/18 Accounting Transfer Client Information 2018.3.2 Testing Fix 10/29/18 Pending Release No chart of accounts are transferred when choosing Selected accounts through Transfer Client Information

Within File > Transfer Client Information if you choose Chart of Accounts and Selected and click Transfer after selecting accounts in the ellipsis, no accounts get transferred.

Transferring all chart of accounts is working properly.

10/29/18 Accounts Receivable Quickbooks Online 2018.3.0 Verified 10/29/18 TBD There was a problem retrieving data from QuickBooks Online error message when importing Bundles associated with a sales receipt

When a Bundle is associated with a sales receipt in QuickBooks Online you will receive an error "There was a problem retrieving data from QuickBooks Online" when importing.


Remove the Bundles from any sales receipts

10/23/18 Platform Security N/A Fixed 10/24/18 N/A Mobile devices not receiving push notifications for MFA

Currently, mobile devices for multi-factor authentication are not receiving a push notification to log in. You can still log in, just open the Thomson Reuters Authenticator app to approve the login request.

10/24/18 Platform Report Designer 2018.3.2 Verified 10/24/18 TBD Cannot associate custom folders with clients if not licensed for the Accounting service

If you have a custom folder added in the Report Designer you may not be able to right-click on the folder and choose Properties to associate the custom folder with clients. This issue impacts customers not licensed for the Accounting service of Accounting CS.

10/19/18 Accounting Enter Transactions 2018.3.1 Fixed 10/22/18 2018.3.2 VO/SaaS Firms only - The balance column within Enter Transactions is blank even when sorted by date

Within Actions > Enter Transactions the balance column is blank when sorted by date in Bank Account mode.


Click the Date Column heading to resort the column in Descending order. Next, click the Date Column heading again to take the sort off. Then, click the Date Column heading a third time to re-sort in ascending order and the balance will show.

This does have to be done each time the screen is accessed.

10/19/18 Accounting Performance 2018.3.1 Fixed 10/22/18 2018.3.2 VO/SaaS Firms only - Enter Transactions screen is delayed in loading

When accessing Actions > Enter Transactions the transaction listing is delayed in loading. This is being experienced when using Journal Entry mode.


1. Use Bank Account mode.


2. Within Enter Transactions select "Current Data Entry Session" from the filter dropdown.

If the Enter Transactions screen will not load at all, switch to a client where it does, set the filter and then switch back to the original client.

10/18/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2018.3.1 Verified 10/19/18 TBD Possible incorrect CO OPT calculation

In some situations, an incorrect Colorado OPT tax amount could calculate when entering a check in Enter Batch Payroll set to an annual pay frequency.

10/12/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Verified 10/19/18 TBD NV MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the TXR-020 when in multiple locations

Nevada MBT General Business taxable wages aren't being considered on the payroll tax form TXR-020 when the employee is in multiple locations.

10/18/18 Workpapers Excel 2018.3.0 Notice 10/18/18


*FYI* - Opening Excel workpapers will produce a threat detected message when using Windows Defender Antivirus

When using Windows Defender Antivirus and launching Excel Workpapers a message is displayed that it is being recognized as a possible threat.

Please follow our Antivirus guidelines to add in exceptions for Workpapers CS to resolve this:

Antivirus guidelines for CS Professional Suite applications

10/16/18 Payroll Payroll Schedules 2018.3.0 Verified 10/16/18 TBD Payroll Schedules: Marking the option to 'Adjust check date for non-business days' may cause an error

On the Setup / Clients / Payroll Information tab if you setup a Payroll Schedule with the option marked to ‘Adjust check date for non-business days’ you may receive an error referencing, 'The result is out of the supported range for this calendar.’ 

Workaround: Setup up the payroll schedule, but do NOT mark the checkbox option to 'Adjust the check date for non-business days.' Create the schedule, save the changes, and then edit the schedule to mark the checkbox. Then edit one of the dates, click the Update button, change the date back to the original date, and then click Update again. 

10/15/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Verified 10/15/18 TBD Cumberland County Tax Bureau filing instruction letter shows incorrect due date

Due dates on the filing instruction letter for the tax bureau of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania are not appearing correctly.

10/15/18 Platform Bank Feeds 2018.3.0 Testing Fix 11/8/18 Pending Release Cannot unlink bank accounts in when status is in Invite Pending

If bank accounts are still in Invite Pending status, they cannot be unlinked in bank feeds. This situation usually occurs when the registration email is allowed to expire.

Resolution to this issue is currently being investigated.

10/15/18 Accounting Bank Reconciliation 2018.3.0 Verified 10/15/18 TBD Changing the column order on the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen is not retained using drag and drop method

The re-ordering of columns on the Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts screen is not retained once the screen is left if doing so via drag and drop method.

To save changes to column order, change the order in Actions > Reconcile Bank Accounts > Edit > Options. Columns can be adjusted on the tab associated with the tab on the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen.

10/12/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/12/18 2018.3.1 Maryland form MW506 is not populating the Period Ending or the Due Dates

The Maryland MW506 tax form is not populating the Period Ending or the Due Dates on the form. The Due Date field is also not able to be overridden.

10/09/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/11/18 2018.3.1 Louisville Metro Revenue Commission (KY) changed withholding ID number from 6 digits to 10 digits

The Louisville Metro Revenue Commission (KY) changed the withholding ID number from 6 digits to 10 digits. The program will allow for 10 digit account numbers in an update. Clients with existing 6 digit IDs can still process the form and internet file as is.

09/12/18 All Platform Notice Notice 09/12/18


Hurricane Michael Disaster Relief

Thomson Reuters offers assistance for customers affected by a disaster. To read more about the program and what it includes, see Disaster Recovery Assistance. If you need to participate in this program, call 800.968.8900.

10/09/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Verified 10/09/18 TBD Oregon OR-STT-2 not available if Oregon Unemployment is marked exempt for client or all employees

If a client or all employees of a client are marked to be wage exempt from Oregon Unemployment, the OR-STT-2 form will not appear in Actions > Edit Payroll Tax Forms or Actions > Process Payroll Tax Forms. This exemption is marked on the Payroll Taxes tab on both the client and employee level.

We are working to resolve this issue.

10/05/18 Accounting CSA Import 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/11/18 2018.3.1 Segmented accounts not importing correctly from Creative Solutions Accounting

If the client’s Chart of Accounts mask in Creative Solutions Accounting consists of locations and/or departments the client may not import correctly to Accounting CS. During the import you may receive diagnostic messages of:

Account Number XXXX dos not match the account mask XXX

GL account segment row errors: One or more orphaned segment codes exist.

Due to these errors the segmented accounts may not import correctly into Accounting CS.

10/03/18 Payroll XactPay 2018.3.0 Notice 10/05/18


XactPay workers' compensation files

If your firm partners with the Hartford to process XactPay workers' compensation files, you must update your version of Accounting CS to 2018.3.0 or higher to continue processing XactPay files after January 1, 2019.

10/04/18 Payroll Checks 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/05/18 2018.3.1 Blank or voided checks printing when using a certain check layout

When using the payroll or vendor versions of check layout Forms CS 114L & 100HS Legal Two per Page MICR Direct Deposit, additional blank or voided checks including signature may print when printing an odd number of checks.

10/04/18 Accounting Import 2018.3.0 Verified 10/04/18 TBD Chart of Accounts spreadsheet import does not properly assign multiple custom tax codes

When importing a Chart of Accounts using the spreadsheet import feature in Accounting CS, clients that have multiple custom tax codes and sub-codes may have the incorrect codes assign to them after the import.

10/03/18 Payroll Payroll Items 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/05/18 2018.3.1 Weighted average overtime calculation is not working correctly on employees with multiple locations/departments

When entering overtime hours on a single location/department for a payroll item setup for weighted average overtime calculation (WAOT), overtime is distributed at the full amount to all locations/departments. This is causing the employee to be overpaid.

10/03/18 Payroll Checks 2018.3.0 Testing Fix 10/03/18 Pending Release Accounting CS closes when adding a new client with a non-default frequency if changing the fiscal year end

When adding a new client to Accounting CS, the program may close with one of the following errors if a frequency other than Monthly is selected and the fiscal year end is changed:


Cannot enter a write context while in state Failed.


System.InvalidOperationException: Can not Find record in GL_Period Table

Until this issue is resolved, changing the frequency first before changing the fiscal year end will prevent the error.

10/02/18 Platform Events 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/02/18 2018.3.1 An error occurs when viewing Employee Edit events within Setup > Firm Information > Firm on the Events tab

An error occurs when going to Setup>Firm Information>Firm on the Events tab when clicking the ellipsis to view Employee Edits.



Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.


Go to Setup>Employees on the Events tab to view the changes.

10/02/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/02/18 2018.3.1 The second page (NEW0098) of the Nevada RPT3795 form is doubling the amount of reported tips

The Nevada RPT3795 form, on the second page (NEW0098), the column for Total Gross Wages + Tips is doubling the amount of reported tips. The application is including the correct values in the Form RPT3795 internet file.

10/02/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/02/18 2018.3.1 Oregon 2018 OR-STT-1 form line 4 is pulling prepaid SIT instead of prepaid Statewide Transit Tax

The Oregon OR-STT-1 form is pulling in OR SIT in line 4 instead of the prepaid statewide transit tax and transit tax credits. This issue will affect only the clients for whom you have made Oregon SIT payments during this processing quarter.

10/02/18 Payroll On Demand 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/02/18 2018.3.1 On Demand batch payroll is not defaulting to the current system date

When entering a new On Demand payroll batch the default pay date is defaulting to tomorrow's date instead of the current system date.

10/02/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/02/18 2018.3.1 Connecticut UC-2, UC-5A and UC-5B are no longer able to be filed by paper but the option still exists in the program

Connecticut UC-2, UC-5A and UC-5B are no longer able to be filed by paper but the program still shows the option.

10/02/18 Platform Transaction Template 2018.3.0 Testing Fix 10/02/18 Pending Release On Demand check and payment templates are ignoring data entered for payee name/description if a vendor is assigned

On demand check/payment transaction templates do not retain the payee name/description if a vendor is assigned. The payee name/description reverts to the vendor name of the assigned vendor instead of the description in the template.

09/13/18 Payroll Electronic Filing 2018.3.0 Notice 10/01/18


IRS updated e-Services user agreement

On October 14, 2018 you'll be asked to accept the terms of an updated user agreement on the IRS e-Services website. A significant change to the user agreement is that you are now required to notify your clients if you use an Intermediate Service Provider (ISP). Thomson Reuters is not considered an ISP because our software does not ask you to enter your IRS e-Services account information.

For more information, see this article on the IRS website:

09/27/18 Payroll Enter Batch Payroll 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/01/18 2018.3.1 On Demand Batch: Gross pay is not calculating when certain calculation types used

If you do an On Demand batch, select the 'Net to gross' mode, and select a pay item that uses the Salary amount or Fixed amount calculation type, everything works as expected; however, if you select a pay item that uses any other calculation type (i.e., Hourly, Percent of gross pay, etc.), the program will enter the amount you specify as the net pay in the Rate field, but the Amount field stays 0.00. This, in turn, causes there to be no gross pay and no taxes calculate.

09/27/18 Accounting Account Grouping 2018.3.0 Fixed 10/01/18 2018.3.1 Error changing code/subcode "Value does not exist"

In the Setup > Chart of Accounts screen of a segmented client, a "Value does not exist" error may occur when trying to edit a subcode.

Workaround: Make the change in Actions > Enter Trial Balance instead.

09/26/18 Platform Dashboards 2018.2.3 Fixed 10/01/18 2018.3.1 Client Dashboard: "Unsecure website"

Client Dashboard: "Unsecure website" error when changing current client, while portlet reports are still loading

10/01/18 Payroll Reports 2018.2.3 Fixed 10/01/18 2018.3.2 Older or outdated checks showing on the Preprocessing Summary report

When processing a batch of payroll checks in Enter Batch Payroll, older checks may appear on the Preprocessing Summary report. Please contact Support directly for a fix for this report.

This is written up as TFS # 1524051; however, each instance of this happening for a different firm needs to be written up as a new TFS item. Per Development: Please first verify that they are on version 2018.3.2. "Attention Support! If other firms are dealing with this problem, please write up a new work item and get a copy of their data. We are working on creating a generic script that will correct this as a temporary workaround, but we need more data to troubleshoot why the issue is happening and also need more data to test the script to make sure it works in all situations."

TFS 1524051

09/27/18 Accounting Checks 2018.3.0 Fixed 09/27/18 2018.3.1 Error may be received when saving a vendor check without a date

When trying to save a check, you may receive this error:


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Stack Trace:

at CreativeSolutions.Common.DataService.Expression.LessThanEquals(Expression expr1, Expression expr2)

at CS.Accounting.Business.Rules.VendorBankTransactionRules.GetInitialFundingStatus(Int32 vendorKey, Nullable`1 transactionDate, ICommonDataService dataService)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankTransactions.CheckTransaction.CheckTransactionModelBase`2.PrepareDataForSave()

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankTransactions.CheckTransaction.CheckTransactionPresenter`1.PrepareDataForSave(Boolean clientHasOnlyUndistributedAccount)

at CS.Accounting.PresentationModel.BankTransactions.BaseTriad.GLTransactions.BankTransactionPresenter.OnSaving(Object sender, CancelEventArgs e)

At this moment the workaround is to add a check date and then save, this will save without error once you have the check date in. If printing you can still print if you do not have a check number.

09/27/18 Payroll Print Checks 2018.3.0 Fixed 09/27/18 2018.3.1 When printing payroll checks an error is displayed

The error that appears is:

Cannot cast DBNULL.Value to type "System.Date.Time". Please use a nullable type.

For this error, a workaround has been established. Please go to Setup > Vendors and click edit on any/all "Payroll Agent" type vendors. Please change the vendor type to "Trade" and then change it back to "Payroll agent" - at that point you are able to continue with printing. Please contact support if you are experiencing a large number of clients with the issue.


09/20/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.2 Fixed 09/27/18 2018.3.1 Oregon Statewide Transit Tax not calculating

The program is not recognizing tax exemptions and calculating incorrectly.

09/26/18 Accounting State Tax Forms 2018.2.3 Notice 09/27/18


W-4 changes from the IRS will be delayed until 2020

The W-4 redesign was announced for 2019 however, per the IRS this has been delayed until 2020

08/27/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.2 Fixed 09/27/18 2018.3.1 VT C-101 showing liability adjustments

The liability adjustments are trying to tie to the WTH-436 and should not be, you can ignore those adjustments and we will be making the correction in the program shortly.

08/27/18 Payroll Billing 2018.2.1 Verified 09/27/18 TBD Scheduled Billing days offset not working

The system creates the fee on the day of the payroll and then dates it X days later. It should create the fee x days before the payroll and have it dated the same as the payroll.

08/27/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.1 Fixed 09/27/18 2018.3.1 New Hire Files for NY not formatted correctly

When adding the Date Qualified for Healthcare column into the New Hire report the file we be rejected.

To fix this you can open the notepad and change the indicator number to a 1 vs the 2 that populates automatically. See the TFS for more instructions.

TFS 1495097

09/05/18 Workpapers File Exchange 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Opening a folder in Workpapers Dashboard causing an error

When trying to open a folder in the Workpapers dashboard you receive the error "unknown error has occurred", this is because it is attempting to use the File Exchange View. We are currently working on this.

09/10/18 Platform Reports 2018.2.3 Fixed 10/15/18 2018.3.1 System filtering causing error

A large error will appear when you type invalid information into the Filter by box, if there is not a custom filter already setup you will receive an error.

08/27/18 Workpapers QuickBooks 2018.2.2 Fixed 10/24/18 Pending Release Classes not being applied to transactions

When you import Account Balances only from Workpapers, it will not post the transactions to the correct class account. It will place the balance to the core account

You can have them turn on accounting if that is an option and it will bring them in, or you can use spreadsheet import as a workaround.

TFS 1505736

09/04/18 Payroll Payroll 2018.2.2 Verified 09/10/18 TBD Enter Batch Payroll is not reflecting Prenote changes

When you start a batch in the "Enter Batch Payroll" screen with one employee in "Waiting" status for Direct Deposit, and you update the status in the Process Direct Deposit > Prenote Screen, it does not update or refresh the employees status when returning to Enter Batch Payroll.

08/27/18 Payroll Compliance State Tax Forms 2018.2.1 Fixed 10/16/18 2018.3.1 Error when marking Wage Exempt for Oregon Statewide Transit Tax

When you mark the Wage Exempt checkbox for the Oregon Statewide Transit Tax you will receive an error that states "A new guard page for the stack cannot be created".

08/10/18 Workpapers Add Workpapers 2018.2.1 Verified 08/14/18 TBD Adding workpaper from existing engagement binder with duplicate workpaper reference may cause an error

Adding a workpaper from an existing engagement binder in which the workpaper reference already exists in the current binder and choosing not to replace may cause the following error: An attempt was made to insert a new tree node with a duplicate item key.

Change the workpaper reference to something unique instead of adding the duplicate workpaper reference as a new workpaper.

08/09/18 Platform Security N/A Notice 08/09/18


User experience enhancements for CS Professional Suite

As a CS Professional Suite customer, we are informing you that as part of our ongoing efforts to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape, in early August 2018 we will update UltraTax CS to include multi-factor authentication (MFA) user experience improvements, enhancements to our file encryption-at-rest process, and updates for global data privacy requirements. This update follows our implementation of MFA in all CS Professional Suite products in February 2017, with further enhancements in 2018 including requiring MFA to electronically file tax returns. This update will require no action on your part.

There will be an "Encrypting data sharing" dialog that appears the first time a customer opens UltraTax 2017. If customers ask about this dialog, our positioning statement is: "This is part of our file encryption-at-rest process enhancements related to this update." This is a one-time process that will take 3 seconds/client for desktop installations and a little longer for VO/SaaS.

As of August 20, Workpapers CS has been updated, so data sharing with UltraTax 17 should work normally. With this update, data sharing information out of UltraTax CS 2017 to other CS applications will be collected and held until an update later this month, at which point the information collected will be data shared as usual. Prior versions of UltraTax (16 and earlier) will not data share to or from other CS applications in any environment.

As part of this update, customers may be prompted to update .NET framework or their web browser. If so, have them follow the prompts on their screen. Customers will be given a link to Installing an updated .NET Framework. Direct customers to their IT professional if they need additional assistance updating .NET or their web browser.

08/08/18 Platform MFA N/A Open 08/08/18 TBD Enabling MFA on NetStaff prevents SSO from working

NetStaff users who have enabled MFA may experience being prompted to sign in when opening or printing to FileCabinet CS despite having an existing active session in other CS Professional Suite applications. Most often, this is caused by the CS Web and NetStaff accounts having the same login. Complete the steps below to work through the issue.

1. Log into CS Web and NetFirm and enable MFA in both areas.

2. Change their login name for either NetFirm or CS Web but not both. The user will then need to use the new unique NetFirm login.

3. Change the password in either CS Web or NetFirm but not both. The user will then need to use the unique NetFirm password.

If the steps above do not reach resolution for SSO related issues, see TFS #1431141 in the Onvio_Global_Support section of TFS.

TFS 1431141

07/25/18 Payroll Compliance Electronic Filing 2018.1.2 Notice 07/26/18


ComplyRight Notices

Several firms have reached out regarding ComplyRight notices they have received for their business clients. There is no affiliation with the CS Professional Suite and ComplyRight. Firms will need to further investigate the matter on their end with their business clients and items that may be related with the company including contacting ComplyRight regarding the notice and impacts. The matter is outside our scope of support and not a breach with Thomson Reuters. For more information, direct firms to ComplyRight Data Security Incident Notice.

07/18/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.2.0 Verified 07/20/18 TBD Georgia unemployment internet file may not be in the correct format

GA SUTA internet file may be rejected with a message that the file format is incorrect.


1. Recreate the file. The file format is generally correct the second time.

2. Remove the file from Manage Files, reprocess the client forms and then create the file again.

07/19/18 Workpapers Addins 2018.2.1 Notice 07/19/18


Microsoft Excel workpapers showing #NAME in some circumstances

First try the steps in this Help & How-To Center article:

Workpapers CS add in does not load in Microsoft Office applications

For some firms, the steps in the article did not resolve the issue and they found the issue was caused by a Microsoft .NET Framework update (KB4338420). Uninstalling that update fixed the issue. Microsoft is aware of this issue and is actively working on a solution. Please consult your IT professional before attempting to uninstall Microsoft updates.

If uninstalling the update does not correct the issue, another option would be the take the following steps with your IT professional:

  1. Open the User Account Control (UAC) settings.
  2. Switch that user's setting from "Never Notify" to "Notify Me Only When Programs Try to Make Changes to My Computer".
  3. Reboot the workstation.
07/09/18 Platform SQL Version 2018.2.0 Notice 07/09/18


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 is ending

On July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will discontinue extended support of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

For more details, see the Discontinued support for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 help article.

06/26/18 Payroll State Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 06/26/18 TBD Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County

Kentucky form Fayette Cou_220-221 is not including employer contributions on line 1 if the work location is outside of Fayette County. Line 1 should include all gross pay whether in Fayette County or not.

Workaround: Override the form.

05/31/18 Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.2 Verified 05/31/18 TBD For 1099 Vendors, the One Form per Transaction option is only working for the first transaction entered

When the box is marked for the One 1099 form per transaction in the 1099 properties of the vendor setup, the box is marked in the details for the first transaction entered but is not marked for subsequent transactions in the same session within Enter Transactions.

04/17/18 Payroll Payroll Tax Forms 2018.1.0 Verified 04/30/18 TBD Change of a business location address and taxes from the new address show up only on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form

If you change a business location address the taxes from the new address will only show up on the Pennsylvania Keystone LST form.

Workaround: Change the business location back to its original address. Add a 2nd business location for the new address.

02/07/18 Payroll Tax Calculation 2017.4.2 Verified 02/07/18 TBD Ohio resident tax is calculating when marked as exempt

In situations where there is an Ohio resident tax with nexus marked for courtesy withholding and a payroll item marked as tax exempt for Ohio Cities tax the tax is still calculating.

01/02/18 Payroll CSA Conversion N/A Notice 01/02/18


Cannot convert because CSA payroll period is not in the latest period

Because CSA licenses are now expired and past the grace period, some firms are finding they cannot convert certain clients because the client's payroll processing period is not in the latest period for that client. They cannot change the processing period with expired licenses so this will have to be completed by support.

If we get a customer who is unable to convert because they cannot move their payroll period forward, your FIRST STEP is to review  CSA & CBS end of support workflow to determine if they are eligible for support.

Remember getting data isn’t ideal and this is a one-time exception to this CSA issue. If they are eligible for support, please let the customer know that we need to make a change in the client data to resolve the issue. Have the customer upload the client to CS Connect and enter a CFR listing the CSA Client ID. Please do not download the CSA data. The CF will retrieve the client from CS Connect. The CF will manually move the client into the latest payroll processing period and provide you with the fixed client data to be sent back to the firm. Below are links to topics that can be used to walk the customers through sending in the client and how to securely send back the zip file the CF will provide. Once the firm receives the fixed zip file, they should save this in a folder named the same as the CSA Client ID. (Client IDs over eight characters long require a decimal after the eighth character EX: MICHIGAN.STA)

Sending CSA client data to CS Support via CS Connect

Internal: Restoring customer SQL data for testing

12/11/17 Accounting Year End 2017.3.3 Testing Fix 11/8/18 Pending Release Year End Closing - exact amounts entered in dialog are not reflected in beginning balance of the Next Year

In rare cases, the amounts entered in the Year End Close dialog are calculating a few cents off the ending balance of the prior year after the close process is complete. Our development team is aware and working to resolve this issue.

11/07/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.3.2 Verified 11/07/17 TBD Unable to Apply negative payables properly in the Manage Payments screen

Currently, if there is a negative payable included in an application group, you are unable to apply it properly in the Manage Payments screen. As a workaround, when negative payables are used, you will need to choose Pay (creating a new AP check/payment), instead of Apply (using an existing AP check/payment).

09/28/17 Payroll Client Access 2017.2.2 Testing Fix 09/28/17 Pending Release Client Access is generating payroll liabilities associated with payroll agents but not tax agents in some situations

In some situations, the Client Access program is generating liabilities associated with payroll agents but it is not generating any of the liabilities associated with tax agents. This appears to happen when a client is setup to do Setup/Time Entry payroll in Client Access only and the client enters a handwritten check via the Actions > Process Batch Payroll Checks screen.

04/18/17 Accounts Payable Accounts Payable 2017.1.0 Verified 04/18/17 TBD Accounts Payable Check Printing error

The following error may occur if using Automatic Application for Accounts Payable in certain situations:

Preprocessing: An error occurred when creating AP checks from pending payments.

03/01/17 Payroll Bank Reconciliation 2016.4.4 Verified 03/07/17 TBD Error opening Reconciled Impound Bank Accounts

An error occurs if a staff member attempts to enter Reconcile Impound Bank Accounts but does not have access to the FIRM client.


Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


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