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Workpapers CS is designed to determine taxation requirements based on client addresses. For the application to calculate taxation correctly, all addresses entered in the application should be accurate and valid. The address verification feature ensures this by looking up and verifying the validity of city, country, and ZIP code combinations.

General city, state, ZIP verification

To use the address verification feature, follow these steps.

  1. For client addresses: In the Main tab of the Clients screen, click the Location button button to open the Address Verification dialog.
  2. For client addresses: In the Address Verification dialog, enter either a ZIP code or the city and state, separated by a comma. (For example, 75205; Dallas, Texas; or Dallas, TX are all valid formats.) The application uses the street address entered in the first Address field as part of the search.
  3. Press the TAB key. If there is only one match for the City, County, or ZIP fields, the application enters the results in the fields. If there are multiple possible matches, the application automatically populates the fields in the Results section with drop-down lists of possible results.
  4. For fields with more than one possible result, select the appropriate choice from the drop-down lists.
  5. Click OK to save the location information and close the Address Verification dialog.

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Address-level verification

In addition to general city, state, and ZIP code verification, the additional address verification feature enables you to verify specific addresses and to determine address-level taxes based on a work address and resident address. This is useful not only for verifying the mailing addresses for clients, but is also important for jurisdictions that use address-level tax determination.

Note: If the application cannot find the address, we suggest that you verify that it is correct using the United States Postal Service address verification tool.

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Internal notes

If the address verification won't verify past two bars, verify that Firewall port 80 is opened to incoming and outgoing traffic.  For more information, see the Firewall guidelines article.

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