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Each staff member can use the User Preferences dialog to customize certain controls or options in the application to perform their work more efficiently.

Choose Setup > User Preferences.

Tabbed pages in this dialog

  • Alternate background color on lists. Mark this checkbox to show all lists and grids with alternating white and gray backgrounds.
  • Use Enter key to move between fields. Mark this checkbox to have the ENTER key always move you to the next field during data entry. (When this option is selected, you can press ALT+N to save changes in a screen.) In addition, when this checkbox is marked and you enter a journal entry in the Actions > Enter Transactions screen, you can immediately save a transaction by pressing the ENTER key when your cursor is in the Account field and the field is blank.
  • Implied decimal on amounts. Mark this checkbox to place an implied decimal point on all numeric amount fields including rates, percentages, and amounts.
  • Implied decimal on hours/pieces/units. Mark this checkbox to place an implied decimal point on all numeric fields other than amount fields, such as hours, pieces, and units.
  • Disable alert and update notifications. Mark this checkbox to disable alert and update notifications for individual staff members.

Favorites screen. Select the screen that you prefer to open when you launch the application.

Reset button. Click to clear all message settings in the application where the Don't show this message again checkbox was previously marked.

  • Save report options. Mark this checkbox to enable the Save Report Options button to appear at the bottom of the File > Print Reports screen.
  • Print detailed options. Mark this checkbox to print detailed options in the header of all predefined reports. Detailed options can include the specified region, section, filtering, and sorting options that have been selected.
  • Print client ID. Mark this checkbox to print the client ID in the header section of all predefined reports.
  • Print staff ID. Mark this checkbox to print the staff ID in the footer section of all predefined reports.
  • Print system date and time. Mark this checkbox to print the system date and time in the footer section of all predefined reports.
  • Print page number. Mark this checkbox to print the page number in the right corner of the footer, unless the Center page number checkbox is marked.
  • Print duplex reports starting each report on a new sheet. Mark this checkbox to print each duplex report on a new sheet.
  • Output report profiles to file storage destinations as individual documents. Mark this checkbox to send report profiles to file, FileCabinet CS, and others as individual documents rather than combining them in a single document.
  • Output to Excel with cell merging. Mark this checkbox to preserve automatic cell merging and alignment in documents printed to Microsoft Excel. When this checkbox is not marked, the application prints documents to Excel without those formatting attributes.

Note: Click the Customize button where applicable to specify the appropriate variables for each item in the list.

Use this tab to specify the preferred printer and paper source when printing reports.

Mark the Separator Page checkbox to include a separator page between documents.

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