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To create and assign a note for an engagement, folder, or workpaper, follow these steps.

  1. Select the engagement, folder, or workpaper to which you will add the note.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • If you are adding a note to an engagement, click the Add Engagement Note Add Engagement Note button button in the navigation pane toolbar.
    • If you are adding a note to a folder or workpaper, click the Note button in the Workpapers tab.
  3. Enter a subject for the note.
  4. Click the Assigned To field, click the name of the staff member to whom you will assign the note, and then click OK.

    To find a staff member's name, enter any part of the staff member's first name or last name in the Search Names field.

  5. Enter a priority and a status for the note.


    • Red asterisks appear to the right of all required fields in the Add Note dialog.
    • Notes with a status of "Open" can be edited; notes with a status of "Cleared" are read-only.
    • You can change the status of a note from "Cleared" to "Open" to re-enable note editing features.
  6. Enter the note text in the text area of the Note tab.

    You can use the toolbar at the top of the dialog to cut, copy, paste, and format text.

    Note: The Properties tab shows the note type and description information for the current note. You can view this information at any time in the Notes List tab, or by opening the note and clicking the Properties tab.

  7. Click OK.


  • For notes added to a folder or workpaper, the number of open notes will appear in the Notes column of the Workpapers tab.
  • The Notes List tab provides a single area in which you can manage all notes associated with the current engagement.
  • If a note is selected in the list, you can click the Go To button in the ribbon to go to the folder or workpaper to which the note is attached. 
  • You can create a notes report by clicking the Report button in the Workpapers ribbon.
  • All notes for an engagement must be cleared before you can finalize the engagement. You can also clear notes during the finalize process.

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