AdvanceFlow notes overview

Alerts and notices

You can use notes to notify reviewers, to track checklist items, or to flag critical issues. You can create notes for folders, for workpapers, or for engagements, and you can assign notes to yourself or to other staff members.

When you click a folder or workpaper in the Workpapers tab, any notes for the selected item appear in the Review Notes list at the bottom of the workspace. Notes also appear in the Notes List tab, which shows any folder notes, workpaper notes, or notes for the selected engagement. If a note is listed with an adjacent drop-down arrow, you can click it to expand a list of replies.


  • Notes that have a status of "Open" can be edited; notes with a status of "Cleared" are read-only.
  • Notes that have been cleared appear as strikethrough text.
  • You can change the status of a note from "Cleared" to "Open" to re-enable note editing features.

Working with notes in the Notes List tab

The Notes List tab provides a single area in which you can manage all notes associated with the current engagement.

When a note is selected in the Notes pane, you can view its content and properties in the Preview pane at the bottom of the window. If the Preview pane is not visible, you can click the Preview button in the ribbon to enable it.

You can use the other buttons in the ribbon to view, reply to, or delete a note that is selected in the Notes pane.


  • Click the Preferences button in the ribbon to change the column settings for the Notes pane.
  • To collapse or expand all threads in the Notes list, right-click a note and choose Collapse All or Expand All from the context menu.

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