Linking engagement information to Excel and Word workpapers

Alerts and notices

You can use the AdvanceFlow toolbar in Microsoft Excel or Word to link information for an engagement to items in a workpaper.

Note: You must install the Office Add-In to enable the AdvanceFlow toolbar in Excel and Word.

  1. Click the Workpapers tab for the applicable engagement, and locate the Excel or Word file to which you want to add the linked data.
  2. Double-click the file or right-click the file and choose Edit from the context menu. The file opens in Edit mode in Excel/Word.

    Edit mode

  3. Click the AdvanceFlow tab in Excel/Word, then click the Engagement Link button.
  4. Enter your AdvanceFlow login information, if prompted.
  5. Excel/Word displays the Engagement Link pane on the ride side of the application window. In this pane, you can add links to amounts, text, and formulas.
  6. Select the link type to add, then complete the applicable fields based on the type of data you intend to link to.


    • The application displays a red asterisk to the right of all fields that require data.
    • The application grays out Fields that do apply to your current selections.
  7. Click the Insert button to insert the engagement link.


Viewing formulas

You can view the AdvanceFlow formulas that comprise an Engagement Link as follows.

  • Excel: Click in the cell in which an engagement link was inserted. Excel displays the variable formula in the formula bar.
  • Word: Right-click the linked item and choose Toggle Field Codes from the context menu. To see the calculated result again, right-click the item and choose Toggle Field Codes again.

Verifying linked engagement data

You can set up Word to shade all linked data in a workpaper. This is helpful when you verify linked engagement data because it makes it easier to determine which data is populated by engagement links. To make variables easy to locate in your Word document, you can set up Microsoft Word to highlight words and numbers that are variables with a light gray background, even when they are not selected.

  1. In Word, Choose File > Options.
  2. In the left pane, click Advanced.
  3. Scroll to the Show document content section.
  4. Select Always in the Field shading drop-down list.
  5. Click OK.