Rolling an engagement forward

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When you roll an engagement forward, a new engagement with a duplicate folder structure and account numbers is created in the next reporting period.

  1. In the navigation pane, click the engagement that you want to roll forward.
  2. Click the Engagement Administration Engagement administration button button.
  3. Click Roll Forward and then click OK.
  4. Update the Engagement Name and Engagement Type fields as needed and click Next.
  5. Verify the reporting periods and click Next.
  6. Verify or update the engagement dates, completion date, and deletion date and click Next.
  7. Mark the checkboxes for the trial balance options that you want to apply to the engagement and click Next.
  8. The Workpaper Roll Forward Settings dialog provides a list of all workpapers in the engagement. You can view or edit the roll-forward properties that were originally set up in the Workpaper Properties dialog for each workpaper in the engagement. Click the roll-forward property in the list to choose another property from the drop-down list ("Include," "Exclude," or "Replace with placeholder").


    • Workpapers with the Include roll-forward property are carried forward into the new engagement during the Roll Forward process.
    • Workpapers with Exclude roll-forward property are not carried forward into the new engagement during the roll-forward process.
    To edit the roll-forward properties for multiple workpapers, hold the SHIFT or CTRL key and click to select multiple workpapers, right-click, and choose Properties from the context menu.
  9. In the New Workpaper Properties dialog, you can rename workpapers and change the reference number for the workpapers that are to be rolled forward into the new engagement. Click Next.

    Note: If you are licensed for PPC's SMART Practice Aids, a yellow bar in the Workpapers tab indicates that an engagement link is pending.

  10. Click OK to complete the roll-forward process.

Notes about the Trial Balance tab

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