Viewing the status of an engagement

Alerts and notices

The Status tab in the Engagements workspace provides a high-level overview of a selected engagement, including engagement properties, sign-off information, any open notes, and the status of associated workpapers.

The following portlets are available in the Status tab.

  • Available Documents: Displays GoFileRoom documents that you can add to the current engagement. This portlet displays only the documents that have index values that correspond to the current engagement. This is especially helpful if documents you would like to add to the engagement were scanned to GoFileRoom using ScanFlow or were otherwise added directly to GoFileRoom.

    Note: This portlet won't display documents that you’ve already added to an engagement.

  • Confirmation: Displays the status of engagements from that originate from Confirmation.
  • Open Notes: Displays any open notes and the staff member assigned to them, and it indicates whether the note has been flagged with a high priority.
  • Properties: Displays properties (type, status, dates, etc.) for the selected engagement.
  • Sign Off: Displays the signoff types and the number of workpapers on which each has given their signoff.
  • Workpaper: Displays the status types and the number of workpapers at each status.
    • Available: Workpapers to which you have access and you from which you are not restricted on the GoFileRoom side for security purposes.
    • Checked Out: Workpapers that are checked out for editing by one of your firm's staff members.
    • Deleted: Workpapers that have been deleted from GoFileRoom. As a result, the AdvanceFlow workpaper reference is not tied to an actual workpaper anymore. GoFileRoom administrators with access to RecordsFlow may be able to restore these documents if they have not been purged from GoFileRoom yet.
    • Locked: Workpapers that are locked by one of your firm's staff members workpapers or for which the engagement has been finalized.
    • Published: Workpapers that have been published to a ClientFlow portal.
    • Recycle Bin: Workpapers that are currently in the recycle bin in AdvanceFlow. You can either restore or permanently delete them.
    • Warning: Workpapers that were edited after they received signoff and for which the warning has not been cleared yet.


  • If you don't see the Status tab in the Engagements workspace, the Access Status Tab security permission may not be enabled for your login. Contact your firm's administrator for more information.
  • To remove a portlet, click the Close portlet button button in the upper-right corner of the portlet.
  • To add a portlet, click the Add Portlet Add Portlet button button in the toolbar.
  • To open the Status tab in a new window, click the Open in New Window Open in new window button button above the tab name.

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