Getting started with AdvanceFlow

Alerts and notices

AdvanceFlow is an engagement management application that enables you to organize and update workpapers and client workflow information that is stored in GoFileRoom.

The following information provides a summary of the main areas and procedures in AdvanceFlow such as, how to navigate in the application, perform administrative and other common tasks.

Note: To use AdvanceFlow, you must have access to your firm's documents in GoFileRoom. For more information, contact your firm's administrator.

You should be familiar with the following information before you begin working in AdvanceFlow.

Application update information

User Bulletins. Regular release bulletins provide information about the latest changes—including Add-in updates—and enhancements to AdvanceFlow. For details, see AdvanceFlow user bulletins.

Performing administrative tasks

The following articles provide information about common administrative tasks in AdvanceFlow.

Performing common tasks

The following articles provide information about how to manage engagements in AdvanceFlow.

Additional resources

Additional help resources are available to help you get started with AdvanceFlow.