Integration with ProSystem fx Tax

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If you are licensed for ProSystem fx Tax or CCH Axcess Tax, you can export trial balance data from AdvanceFlow for import into those application.

Before you start using ProSystem fx Tax integration features, ensure that the following tasks have been completed in AdvanceFlow.

Export Trial Balance data

  1. Click the Engagements button at the bottom of the navigation pane, and then click the appropriate engagement in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the Trial Balance tab.
  3. Click the Export button in the ribbon.
  4. In the Export Data dialog, select ProSystem fx Tax from the Type field.
  5. Choose the Detail or Summary type of transfer and indicate what type of balance (adjusted, report, federal tax, state tax, or other) to export.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Choose the applicable save options and save the export file to your local computer or to a location on your firm's network.

Note: Data export for ProSystem fx Tax is available for those engagements that have a year-end date of 12/31/2012 or later.

Import data to ProSystem fx Tax

  1. In ProSystem fx Tax, choose File > Import > G/L Bridge – other (Generic Processing).
  2. Select Import File.
  3. Select Return.
  4. Select ID#.
  5. Click Process.
  6. Click the Recalculate button on the toolbar (indicated by 1+1=2).

Note: For more information on the import procedure in ProSystem FX, see the documentation on the ProSystem FX website. External link ( What's this?)

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Import data to CCH AxcessTM Tax

For information on the import procedure in CCH Axcess Tax, see the documentation on the CCH support website. External link

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