Converting to AdvanceFlow from Engagement CS or Trial Balance CS on Virtual Office

Alerts and notices

If your firm used Engagement CS or Trial Balance CS on Virtual Office, then the program, client data, and system files will need to be moved to a local environment at your firm in order to convert to AdvanceFlow. Follow the steps below to complete this process.

  • Download and install the CS Professional Suite Accounting Products.
    1. Verify that you are logged in to your computer or server as an administrator.

    2. Close all open applications.

    3. Open the Downloads page on our website at and follow the instructions to save the installation EXE file for CS Professional Suite Accounting Products to your local drive. (If you do not have a Web Account, you will be prompted to establish one when you attempt to download the applications from our website.)

    4. After the EXE file has been downloaded, right-click that EXE file and choose Run as administrator to start the installation wizard.

    5. The installation wizard displays the license agreement. If you accept the terms of the agreement, click Yes to proceed with the installation process.

    6. The installation wizard verifies that the system requirements are met and that all
      required components are installed. The installation wizard will guide you through installing required components, as necessary.

    7. Follow the prompts that appear on screen. We recommend that you select each of the default options that appear in these prompts. However, you may choose the options that best suit your preferences. During the installation, the Install sample client data checkbox is marked by default, but you can choose to clear that checkbox.

    8. Use CS Connect to download and apply licenses for CSA.

      Note: You will be prompted for your firm ID and license PIN. If you do not know your firm's license PIN, or your firm has not established a license PIN, one of your firm's licensees can view or set the license PIN.

  • Back up Engagement CS or Trial Balance CS clients and global system data from Virtual Office.

  • Restore the clients and global system data to the local installation of CSA.

  • Download and install the Creative Solutions Accounting Conversion Utility on the local machine.
    1. Log in to AdvanceFlow.

    2. Access Administration > Downloads, and select the Miscellaneous tab.

    3. Copy the AdvanceFlow conversion Setup.msi file to your local machine.

    4. Double-click the file to install the AdvanceFlow conversion program to C:\Program Files (x86)\Thomson Reuters\AdvanceFlow.

  • Follow the steps in the Conversion Guide to convert Engagement CS or Trial Balance CS data to AdvanceFlow. During the conversion import procedures, use the local CSA system and client data paths.

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