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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Status Modified Date Synopsis
09/18/20 Platform Notice 09/18/20 Silverlight Trusted Mode 3.0 required for Drag and Drop

With the 9/18 release of AdvanceFlow we released a new Silverlight Trusted Mode 3.0. Installing this is required for Drag and Drop functionality to work. For more information please see our User Bulletin and Help Article.

08/17/20 Utilities Verified 09/17/20 Ultratax Tax Codes 879 and 880 for 990 exempt organizations do not import properly into Ultratax

Add tax codes pointed to (for example) 879 and 880 for accounts related to F/R Food and beverages and Entertainment. In Ultratax CS, after opening client, go to utilities>advanceflow (import) and select the advanceflow client to import. The taxcodes 879 and 880 are coded as a Memo type, so they will not be imported.

09/15/20 Notice Notice 09/15/20 Release of AdvanceFlow Browser Independence Phase 3

The AdvanceFlow Browser Independence Phase 3 is tentatively scheduled for release on Monday, September 21st. Please refer to the email sent out 9/15/20 which includes important details and a link to the user bulletin.

08/26/20 Tax Exports Verified 08/26/20 Tax exports are sending prior period balance to the export file instead of the prior year balance
Tax exports for all entities and tax vendors are exporting the balance for one period ago and using that amount as the Previous year balance. This is only a problem on engagements with a period frequency other than Annual.


Copy the engagement to a new engagement and set the period frequency to Annual. Then, create the Tax export from the Annual engagement. Then export the current year and prior year trial balance from the original source client and import into the destination client that is annual.

08/26/20 Workpaper Reference Links Investigating 08/26/20 Workpaper Reference links are not deleting or updating within Excel documents in certain situations
Product Management is investigating an issue when inserting a workpaper reference using the AdvanceFlow toolbar into multiple cells of a user defined column in a Custom Excel workpaper. The workpaper references will insert in this case. However, the hyperlink to view the workpaper will only work in the first cell selected in the selected range.


Use the Workpaper Reference column within the Trial Balance grid or add the Workpaper References one at a time to the proper cells.

08/20/20 All Notice 08/20/20 Ideas Community posts will not be migrated to Idea Incubator

Due to the format changes between the Ideas Community and Idea Incubator platforms, most of the Ideas Community ideas were not migrated to the Idea Incubator. Generally speaking, most products brought over the top 10 ideas from their respective Ideas Community. Outside of that, ideas submitted under the Ideas Communities have been archived for the Product Team to review as needed.

As part of our stronger focus on our customers, your input and expectation for implementation, the Idea Incubator will do a better job of letting you know when we are not able to implement a submission and help us collectively to select and prioritize the best submissions for implementation moving forward.

As of Friday, August 21st, ideas submitted under the Ideas Community will no longer be available for public viewing. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to share anything that you feel is missing on the Idea Incubator as a result of the migration.

07/14/20 Recalculating Excel Documents Verified 07/14/20 Recalculating Excel documents opened for editing in one engagement is causing open read/view only Excel documents in other engagements to appear to recalculate in some situations
This situation is possible when a document is opened for editing from one engagement, and on the same computer another document is open for viewing in a read only mode from another engagement.

If these two excel documents have the same exact formula in both documents and the recalculate button is clicked on the editable document, the document open in a View/Read-Only mode will appear to update with values from the document that is open for editing. Closing and reopening the document that is open in the Read Only state should resolve the issue.


Avoid using the recalculate button while there are documents open from two engagements.
6/01/20 Edit Documents Investigating 06/01/20 Slow to open documents for editing
Some firms are facing issue where GoFileRoom and AdvanceFlow are slow when trying to edit documents. We are actively investigating this with urgent priority. We will update this alert when we have more information.
6/01/20 Edit Documents NOTICE 06/01/20 Some users unable to Edit Documents, getting error unable to open GFRLINK
Some firms are facing issue where they are unable to edit documents, getting error that they cannot open GFRLINK. This can be resolved by updating to latest version of the GoFileRoom Client Add-in. The latest add-in as of this alert is 20.0.3 - Uninstalling and reinstalling the GoFileRoom Client Add-In
12/30/19 Platform Verified 02/18/20 When rolling forward binder, unable to right click and change properties more than once
When rolling forward a binder, if you right click to change roll forward properties, you will not be able to right click again. You can still change the roll forward options one by one.
05/28/19 Edit Documents Verified 02/25/20 Additional ‘Edit Document’ tab opens when editing documents

When editing documents an additional tab opens in Internet Explorer called ‘Edit Document’. The tab is blank. After you save and close the document(s) the additional tab stays open. You must manually close the ‘Edit Document’ tab.

This will be addressed when AdvanceFlow becomes browser independent tentatively scheduled for 2020.

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