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Alerts and notices

This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Status Modified Date Synopsis
03/23/20 All Verified 03/23/20 Communication & Posting Delay
We are currently experiencing delays with emails and email notifications being sent for CS Professional Suite, Onvio and GoFileRoom AdvanceFlow (including creation of portals, posting documents to portals, and eSigantures). You may see a delay of 4 hours receiving backlogged notifications. We are diligently investigating the issue to have it resolved as quickly as possible.
03/06/20 Integration Investigating 03/06/20 UltraTax CS crashing when importing client data from AdvanceFlow
We are currently investigating reports of UltraTax CS crashing when attempting to import data from AdvanceFlow. This seems to be client specific, and we continue to investigate. We have found this can sometimes be addressed by importing into a new client in UltraTax, or creating an engagement from the existing engagement in AdvanceFlow and using that to import. It is important to note that these suggestions have worked in some instances, but not all. Some users have also found moving to a different workstation to perform the import has worked.
03/02/20 Add Documents Fixed 03/02/20 Error when adding documents to AdvanceFlow from GoFileRoom
When adding workpapers to AdvanceFlow and using the source of GoFileRoom, errors are occurring. The appropriate parties are actively investigating this issue.
12/30/19 Platform Verified 02/18/20 When rolling forward binder, unable to right click and change properties more than once
When rolling forward a binder, if you right click to change roll forward properties, you will not be able to right click again. You can still change the roll forward options one by one.
05/28/19 Edit Documents Verified 02/25/20 Additional ‘Edit Document’ tab opens when editing documents

When editing documents an additional tab opens in Internet Explorer called ‘Edit Document’. The tab is blank. After you save and close the document(s) the additional tab stays open. You must manually close the ‘Edit Document’ tab.

This will be addressed when AdvanceFlow becomes browser independent tentatively scheduled for 2020.