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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Category Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version Synopsis
05/07/18 Connectivity N/A RESOLVED 05/07/18 RESOLVED --RESOLVED-- Intermittent issues logging into and working in AdvanceFlow

Login issues have been resolved. More information will be posted once it has been provided by the appropriate team. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this issue.

Some users are experiencing issues logging into or working within AdvanceFlow. This has been confirmed and we are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

RESOLVED RESOLVED RESOLVED!!! There are intermittent issues with users being able to connect to the GoFileRoom servers. We have no ETA at this time but will let people know as soon as possible.

02/23/18 Tax Export ProSystem fx 2017.4.3 Verified 03/05/18 TBD Tax Export to ProSystem fx

We are aware of an issue with exporting balances and how ProSystems fx handles import files. An update will be released once we are able to make the required changes.

02/19/18 Tax Code Export 2017.4.2 Fixed 02/23/18 2017.4.3 Error when exporting Tax Code data for ProSystem fx Tax

When attempting export the Trial balance for import into ProSystem fx Tax, a user may receive an error that statess, "an entry with the same key already exists".

01/29/18 Administration 2017.4.2 Verified 02/01/18 TBD Issues attempting to import tax codes/sub-codes for ProSystem FX Tax

When attempting to perform a tax code import in Administration/Tax Codes for ProSystem FX codes, a user may not be able to choose the year and/or the import will appear successful but no codes will import.

To successfully import the tax codes:

First, the three columns of data in the spreadsheet being imported must be formatted as TEXT. Note that any trailing zeros on a tax code must still be included. For example, tax code 115 must be imported as 115.00. Excel does not easily format these types of numbers as TEXT. To achieve this, the user can highlight the cells with the tax codes, copy and paste them into a Notepad file. Then, change the format on the column to TEXT. The user can then highlight the data in the Notepad file, copy it and paste it back into the Excel spreadsheet in the Tax Code column. Repeat this process for the column of sub-codes if they have leading or trailing zeros.

Once the spreadsheet is formatted properly, go into the import window and choose UltraTax as the tax vendor. This will populate the year field. Then change the tax vendor to ProSystem FX Tax and continue with the import, choosing the proper entity, year and options.

01/23/18 PPC Integration 2017.4.2 Verified 01/25/18 TBD While using a remote Citrix Session, PPC Checkpoint Tools is crashing when attempting to add a document into AdvanceFlow

If a user is running AdvanceFlow in a Citrix session (with a published desktop or application), when they attempt to add a document from PPC's Checkpoint Tools, the framework launches but then crashes before the user can select a document.

This has been verified as an issue within the PPC Checkpoint Tools program. To work around this, the user must launch Checkpoint Tools outside of AdvanceFlow, save the specific document to location on their machine and then manually add it into the AdvanceFlow engagement as an external file.

The AdvanceFlow and PPC Development teams are working to resolve this issue. It is important to note that this specific issue has only been duplicated in a Citrix environment. There are no reported issues when a user is working locally with Checkpoint Tools installed on the machine and the machine is setup properly. To verify machine setup, please review the AdvanceFlow IT Checklist for the appropriate settings.

01/24/18 ALL N/A Verified 01/24/18 N/A Phishing E-mail
There has been a confirmed phishing e-mail being sent to CS Professional Suite users from Below is a facsimile of the email being received.


Your account has been Approved, you are all set but do not forget to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

CLICK HERE to verify your CS Professional Suite Account.

*Link Expires in 24 hours

If you speak with a customer that has received this e-mail, please contact the Support-Incident Management team.

12/21/17 Notes 2017.4.1 Testing Fix 03/16/2018 Pending Release Cannot edit, reply to or unclear a cleared note

Some users have reported the inability to edit, reply to or unclear a note that has been cleared. Development has verified this as an issue and will address it in a future platform update.

12/14/17 PPC Integration 17.4 Fixed 12/21/17 17.4.1 AdvanceFlow not launching SMART Practice Aids when attempting to edit a document generated from SMART

When attempting to edit a document that was generated from PPC's SMART Practice Aids from the Engagement Binder Tree, rather than the content opening within PPC's SMART Practice Aids, the document may open in either Word or Excel for editing.

Documents will open for edit into PPC's SMART Practice Aids by editing them from within the Workpapers List. This button is located on the Workpapers tab and will open a separate window of all documents within the engagement, outside of their folder structure. You may use the Preferences and Filter buttons to organize the documents for easy searching within the list.

12/04/17 CPE Certificate N/A Notice 12/04/17 Notice How to access your CPE Certificate(s)

Did you know you can view or download your CPE Certificates for Thomson Reuters courses by logging in to your CS Web Account? For instructions, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

06/29/17 Security ALL Notice 06/29/17 Notice Phishing email scam

We have been made aware of a phishing email scam that has been sent to some CS Professional Suite customers. The phishing email asks for a 'Re-Validation of Login Credentials'. This was NOT sent by Thomson Reuters. It is an attempt to trick practitioners into revealing their login information. Please do not click on the 'Login' button in this email.

If you receive a call about this from a user send the Firm ID, contact name, email address, and details of the message received including the email address the email address was sent from to the Command Center.

06/28/17 Platform N/A Notice 06/28/17 N/A Responding to questions regarding Petya ransomware

For users asking questions about this, here is the approved Thomson Reuters customer statement regarding Petya ransomware.

"Thomson Reuters takes the security of its global systems seriously. We are well aware of the latest, highly publicized, Petya ransomware attack that has impacted a number of organizations around the world, and our systems continue to function normally.

We are continually monitoring our systems to ensure the protection of our customers’ information and achieve consistent reliability of our products and services.

In the event customers experience any difficulties, they should contact their customer representative as usual.

04/12/17 Add-in 11.2 Verified 04/13/17 TBD Provided link to the AdvanceFlow IT Checklist is incorrect during add-in installation

If a workstation does not have Visual Studios 2010 Runtime for Office installed a prompt will display during the installation of the add-in which points you to the AdvanceFlow IT Checklist. The link is inaccurate. Please use the below link instead:

AdvanceFlow IT Checklist

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