Creating a Fund Listing report

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The Fund Listing report provides you with a listing of the fund hierarchy for an engagement or fund template that you designate.

If you have administrative permissions, you can follow these steps to view a Fund Listing report.

  1. Click the Administration button in the navigation pane and then click the Reports button.
  2. Click the Fund Listing report in the Reports list.
  3. In the Options pane, choose Firm or Engagement from the Source drop-down list.
  4. Choose a Fund template or engagement from the associated drop-down list.


    • The items in this list are determined by your selection in the Source drop-down list.
    • Because only a single fund template can be active at a time at the engagement level, you cannot choose a template when Engagement is selected as the source.
  5. Click the View button in the ribbon.

    Click the Export button in the report window to export the report to a Microsoft Excel file.

  6. Click the Close link in the upper-right corner of the window to close the report.

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