Default account classification codes in AdvanceFlow

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Code Code description Subcode Subcode description
CA Current assets CASH Cash and equivalents
MS Marketable securities
AR Accounts receivable
ADA Allowance for doubtful accounts
INV Inventory
PE Prepaid expenses
OCA Other current assets
FA Fixed assets EQUIP Computers and equipment
BUILD Buildings
AD Accumulated depreciation
NON Non-depreciable property and equipment
NCA Non-current assets LT Long-term investments
IA Intangible assets
ONCA Other non-current assets
CL Current liabilities AP Accounts payable
CUR Current portion of long-term debt
NP Notes payable
AL Accrued liabilities
COMP Compensation
INT Interest payable
TAX Income taxes payable
PTP Payroll taxes payable
OCL Other current liabilities
LTL Long-term liabilities LTD Long-term debt
DEF Deferred income taxes
OLTL Other long-term liabilities
EQ Equity CS Capital stock
CAPC Capital contributions
CAPW Capital withdrawals
APIC Additional paid in capital
TS Treasury stock
PE Partnership equity
RE Retained earnings
OE Other equity
DIV Dividends
INC Income SALE Sales revenue
RET Returns and allowances
COS Cost of sales COS Cost of sales
EXP Operating expenses GEN General and administrative expenses
SE Selling expenses
RM Repairs and maintenance
DEP Depreciation expense
OC Owners compensation
OOE Other operating expense
PAY Payroll
OI Other income GAIN Gain on sale
INT Interest income
OI Other income
OE Other expenses LOSS Loss on sale
OE Other expenses
INT Interest expense INT Interest expense
TAX Provision for income taxes TAX Provision for income taxes

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