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To import your firm's account groupings or account groupings from another engagement, follow these steps.

  1. Click the Trial balance tab and then click the Account Groupings button.
  2. Click the Import Import button button and select Firm, Engagement, or Spreadsheet from the Source drop-down list. Click the following links for additional steps.
    • Engagement
      1. Click Next.
      2. Select a client and click OK.
      3. Select an engagement, click OK, and then click Next.
      4. Mark the checkbox for each account grouping name that you want to import and click OK.

      Note: Only groupings that don't already exist in the engagement are displayed. For example, if the engagement contains leadsheet codes, you cannot import a grouping named "Leadsheet Codes".

    • Firm
      1. Click Next.
      2. Mark the checkbox for each account grouping name that you want to import and click OK.
    • Spreadsheet
      1. Navigate to the spreadsheet file that you want to import.
      2. Choose New or Existing from the Type drop-down list.
      3. Enter an account grouping name and click Next.
      4. Configure header and column information as needed using the available fields and click Next.
      5. Verify the data to be imported and fix any warnings as described in the Data to Import screen.
      6. Click Next to view the import summary, then click OK to proceed.

Note: AdvanceFlow limits the number of account groupings to 15 per engagement. This can include account groupings that you import from your firm or other engagements, or account groupings that you create within an engagement.

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