Trial balance overview

Alerts and notices

The trial balance features in AdvanceFlow allow you to quickly import, analyze, and update trial balance data. With a single mouse click, you can view net income, journal entry details, or trial balance history.

Data in the Trial Balance tab appears in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format. You can quickly sort data by clicking column headings, and you can drag and drop columns to reorder them.

Adding accounts

You can add accounts for a selected engagement in the Trial Balance tab, and you can import accounts from a spreadsheet.

Assigning account types and account groupings

AdvanceFlow enables you to assign five different types of accounts based on the Account Classification grouping code. You can also use account groupings to help you organize activity in the trial balance.

Adding tickmarks and workpaper references

AdvanceFlow includes a list of 29 pre-defined tickmarks from which you can select and insert into the Tickmarks column, as needed. You can also add workpaper reference hyperlinks that link to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word documents in the engagement via the Workpaper reference column.

Customizing and filtering trial balance views

You can streamline your workflow by setting up multiple trial balance views, and you can add filters and sort account data in selected views. Also, by creating divisions for locations, departments, units, and so forth, you can optimize the trial balance view for reporting purposes.

You can also add columns in the trial balance view that list pre-defined tax codes and custom subcodes.

You can also use the JE Detail button in the toolbar to view journal-entry detail.

Consolidating trial balance data

AdvanceFlow enables you to consolidate trial balance data from multiple engagements.


  • You can edit data such as the account description and classification by double-clicking fields in the workspace.
  • You can change how many account numbers appear per page using the drop-down list at the lower-left of the workspace.
  • Use the controls at the lower-right of the workspace to navigate through multiple pages of trial balance data.