Rolling journal entries forward

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Follow these steps to include journal entries when rolling an engagement forward

  1. Click the Journal Entries tab and then click the desired journal entry.
  2. Select one of the following items from the Roll Forward drop-down list.
    • Include: Select Include to roll forward the same journal entry as you did in the prior period (including the journal entry reference, description, workpaper reference, related accounts, and amounts. You might choose this item if journal entries are for flat fees, which are the same from period to period.
    • Exclude: This is the default selection. If you select Exclude, AdvanceFlow won't roll forward the journal entry.
    • Zero Balance: Select Zero Balance to roll forward the journal entry with a zero balance. You might select this item for journal entries that you complete every year with changing amounts. This would apply for an accrued vacation journal entry that you will roll forward for the next period, but for which you'll need to calculate the accrual amount for each period.
    • Reverse: Select Reverse to reverse the value of the original journal entry upon roll forward (from positive to negative, for example). You might select this item when revenue or expenses were accrued in the preceding period and you don't want the accruals to remain in the engagement for another period.

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