Adding workpapers from a template

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  1. In the Workpapers tab, click the folder to which you will add the workpaper.
  2. Click the Add Workpaper Add Workpaper button button.
  3. Select  the desired workpaper type from the Source drop-down list.
  4. Select any additional options or items that appear based on the workpaper type you selected. For example, if you choose Template as the workpaper type, you will then need to select the desired template from the Template drop-down list.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Depending on which workpaper type you selected, .
  7. In the Workpaper Properties screen, double-click beneath each column heading to update the properties for each workpaper in the list, as needed.
    • Reference: Enter a reference.
    • Description: Enter a description.
    • User Assignment: Choose a user in the User Assignment dialog that opens and click OK.
    • Roll Forward: Choose the applicable item from this drop-down list to include or exclude the workpaper from the roll forward process.
    • During Finalize: Choose the applicable item from this drop-down list to retain or delete this workpaper during the finalize process.
  8. Click OK.

Each workpaper reference must be unique within an engagement. You can, however, have duplicate workpaper descriptions.

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