Emailing workpapers from AdvanceFlow

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  1. Right-click the workpaper that you want to email in the workspace and choose Email from the context menu.

    Note: To select multiple workpapers, hold down the CTRL or SHIFT key while selecting workpapers.

  2. Choose one of the following subitems from the context menu.
    • AdvanceFlow: Choose this command to send an email from within AdvanceFlow. Fill in the applicable fields, choose from the available options (attachment, compressed file, or hyperlink), and click OK.
    • Outlook: Choose this command and then choose Attachment, Compressed file, or Hyperlink from the context menu to send and email from Microsoft Outlook. An untitled message opens in Outlook that includes the attached workpapers, compressed files, or a workpaper link in the body of the email. Enter addresses and other email information and send the email as you would with any Outlook email message.

    Note: If you choose to send workpapers as attachments or compressed files, you can mark the Convert to PDF checkbox to send items as individual PDFs or as a combined PDF.

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