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  1. Click the Workpapers tab and then click the List button.
  2. In the window that opens, click the Filter button in the toolbar.
  3. Enter criteria for filtering the list for any of the fields in the Workpaper Properties section.


    • The User Assignment field includes the Lookup list Lookup list button button that opens a list from which you can choose a staff member. If a staff member's name doesn't appear in the list, you can enter any part of the name in the Search Names field or you can enter or the staff member's login information the Search Logins field.
    • You can refine your search by using wildcard characters with your search criteria.
  4. Optional: To save the current filter, click the Save button in the Saved Filters section, enter a name, and click OK. The saved filter will be available in the Saved Filters drop-down list.

    Note: The saved filter will be available only for the current engagement.

  5. Click OK. The filtered list will appear in the Workpapers List window.

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