Adding and updating workpaper assignments

Alerts and notices
  1. In the Workpapers tab, select a workpaper for which you want to add or update the staff assignment.
  2. Click the User Assignment button in the ribbon, and click the name of a staff member.

    To find a staff member's name, enter any part of the staff member's first name or last name in the Search Names field.

  3. Click OK.


  • To add and update user assignments to multiple workpapers at once, hold down the SHIFT key while selecting the workpapers, and then right-click and choose Administration > User Assignment from the context menu to open the User Assignment dialog.
  • You can also add and update the staff assignment for the selected workpaper by clicking the Properties button in the ribbon, clicking the User Assignment field, clicking the name of a staff member, and then clicking OK twice.

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