Workpaper warnings

Alerts and notices

When someone edits a workpaper after it has received signoff, AdvanceFlow displays a warning icon next to that workpaper in the Warning column of the Workpapers workspace. The warning does not provide any additional information. Show me.

Image showing a workpaper with a warning symbol

If the Clear Warning permission is enabled for your account, you can clear warnings from the Workpapers workspace.

Right-click the affected workpaper and choose Administration > Clear Warning. Click Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to clear the warning. Note that you can highlight multiple workpapers and right-click those workpapers to clear their warnings at the same time.


  • When you view the workpapers list, AdvanceFlow displays the warning icon in the Warning column for affected workpapers.

    If you have the Clear Warning permission, you can clear warnings in the workpapers list by highlighting the affected workpapers, right-clicking those workpapers, choosing Administration > Clear Warning, and then clicking Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to clear the warning.

  • When you export the workpapers list, Excel displays "True" in the Warning column for affected workpapers.
  • When you finalize an engagement, you can mark the Workpaper warnings checkbox in the Diagnostics page of the Finalize Engagement wizard to include a list of workpapers with warnings in the Finalize Engagement Diagnostics report.

    If there are any outstanding warnings, the wizard displays the Workpaper Warnings page. You must mark the Clear Warnings checkbox before you can continue with the finalize process.


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