Internal: CBS: Client Name or Address Changes and Firm Mergers

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Address changes

Client names and addresses are hard-coded in the CBS Master License. There are no costs associated with name/address changes. If a user needs to update any client demographic information complete the steps below:

  1. In EMS click on Firm > Firm Client > CBS Clients.
  2. Sort by Client Name in the CBS Client screen to easily find the client.
  3. Right click on client name, then click Edit Client
  4. Edit Client name and/or address then click OK.
  5. The firm then needs to download a license in their CSA through CS Connect. If the firm is VO, regenerate their license in EMS. There is no need for them to download a new license.
  6. The firm then needs to generate a new license file for the client to import into their database in order for the change to show in CBS. They use Accountant's Assistant to do this.  If they need help, please transfer them to technical support.

If the client is ASP, the firm can update the address themselves through the portal.

Name changes

Master License and Firm Mergers