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GoFileRoom products and services are licensed under a contract based license model that is legally binding. Some external users have a legacy model that renews annually known as GoFileRoom CS, see GoFileRoom CS license model. This license model is not available for new purchases of GoFileRoom.

EMS shows itemized rates for GoFileRoom products and services. Do not share these rates externally. GoFileRoom contract pricing is not structured for a single per-user cost or singular line item costs, see GoFileRoom contract- billing and reviewing invoices.

Viewing contract details in EMS

Contract details can be viewed within EMS in two places, the Contract Management or Product Version windows. The Contract Management window offers an overview of the contract itself including the contract end date, if it has been auto-renewed, and the terms of the last signed agreement. The Product Version window provides the quantity of user licenses available.

Firms that purchase after May 2017 are subject to follow the Master Service Agreement (MSA).

To open the Contract Management window navigate to Firm > Firm Contract Management or click the Contract Mgmt icon. If nothing populates there is no contract in place. Click the Firm Products icon to check that the listed product is not GoFileRoom CS. The information below can be found in this window:

  • The contract end date.
  • If the contract has auto-renewed. A date in the Evergreen Contract End Date field indicates the contract has been auto-renewed. Contracts will automatically renew for another 12 month term on this date unless a cancellation request is made, see GoFileRoom no longer using (NLU) or contract cancellation.
  • Term length in months of the last signed agreement, also referred to as the initial term in the license agreement. This can be found in the Agreement Term in Months field.

To open the Product Version window navigate to Firm > Firm Products... or click the Firm Products icon. To view only current GoFileRoom licenses mark the GFR and Production checkboxes. The information below can be found in this window:

  • The number of user licenses for GoFileRoom, FirmFlow, or AdvanceFlow. The total individual licenses will be listed in the Seats column.
  • GoFileRoom and FirmFlow are sold in bundles of 5, only AdvanceFlow is licensed by individual users.
  • The number of purchased ScanFlow or Taxsort documents.
  • The licensee will be listed in the Licensee column. 
    • The GFR administrator is not listed in EMS, and is managed within GoFileRoom itself.

What is included with a base GoFileRoom contract?

Additional products, services, or user licenses

Term length and renewals

Consumable licensing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I view a copy of my contract?
  2. Why did my quarterly invoice increase?
    • Access the Contract management screen to determine if the increase is due to annual CPI increase OR quarterly add-on. Reviewing the Order History will also help determine items added to the contract.
  3. What am I paying for?
    • Determine the GFR products on the EMS product screen, then access the Contract Management screen. Multiply the monthly rate by 3 to provide the quarterly total, or multiply the monthly rate by 12 to provide the annual rate.
  4. When is my renewal date?
    • Check the Contract Management screen. Note the date will vary by firm.
  5. What to do if a client requests to make changes 90 days prior to their renewal date?
    • Note what changes they would like, and send the detailed request to the GFR Specialist. The GFR Specialist will send you the updated contract renewal to send to the firm.
  6. I am looking at my invoice and I'm not sure what "Quantity 1" means. Did I only purchase one license?
    • Quantity 1 is the number of bundles ordered. One bundle of five licenses were ordered.
  7. What does "Dedicated License" mean?
    • Dedicated license is used for Document Management orders.
  8. Why is base contract a line item in the renewal contract?
  1. Open the firm in EMS
  2. Check Contract Management screen. Click on Contract Management on the left menu, or click on Firm > Firm Contract Management
    • Note the licensed products, current monthly rate, and CPI rate.
  3. Click Firm > Contract Sales Proposal
  4. Click Renew/replace Contract Sales Proposal
  5. Add previously licensed products by double-clicking to move the licenses to the right (the Items portion of the screen). At the minimum, the following licenses should be in the Items field
    • GoFileRoom
    • GoFileRoom Licenses (group of 5)
    • GoFileRoom Base Access 1-50
    • GoFileRoom Unlimited Storage
    • Preservation Fee (located under the Credit/Fee tab) is used to add the annual price increase into replacement.
      • To add CPI on the contract rewrite, reference the current monthly rate on the contract management screen, multiply by 12 to get the annual fee then multiply by CPI or 4%, whichever is greater. The amount is what should be added to Preservation. If a preservation fee exists already, add CPI into the total.
  6. Set the valid through date. This date should be the date that the client should return the contract (no less than 15 days before the auto-renewal date)
  7. Create a sales proposal name. i.e. GFR Replacement, GFR Re-write, GFR Renewal, etc.
  8. Select the existing GFR Licensee.
  9. Select the Contract tab (toward the top of the screen).
    • Agreement term should be 36 months unless otherwise stated by firm
    • Change Number of Waived Months from 3 to 0
    • Do not change CPI terms, unless an exception has been granted. This is a rare change.
    • Set the deployment date to be when the current renewal ends.
  10. Verify that the replacement contract now includes the licenses that the firm is renewing with the correct price
  11. Click Save
  12. Preview copy then save as pdf to send to the client