Internal: Adding/Removing locators or users from GoSystem Tax RS renewals

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All renewal documents are generated and edited through (SFDC). To generate renewal documents, see Generating GoSystem Tax RS renewal documents. To process renewal documents, see Processing GoSystem Tax RS renewal documents.   


When a renewal quote it edited, the original copy of the order form is not maintained within SFDC. Before making any changes, save a copy of the original order form to your workstation. Note that renewal pricing was standardized in 2013, but many renewals will still reflect grandfather rates lower than standard costs. This non-standard pricing will most frequently appear in the costs associated with the locator and/or user totals.

Changes being made to locator costs must also account for base material costs. Some renewals may reflect this in a separate base fee line item, however, many will not. Due to this, a per locator cost cannot be found by simply dividing the cost by the total number of locators. The Quick Quote Calculator was designed to calculate how a pricing would change when decreasing locators or users on a renewal. The calculator can be found in the Customer Service Only tab of the workbook.

It is critical to note the original rates in call notes before changes are made. Include the following information in your call notes:

Once changes to renewal documents are saved in SFDC, reverting back to the original amount requires a manual adjustment. This cannot be done without including the above within call notes.

Decreasing locator or user count

Follow the steps below to properly decrease locator or user count on a renewal order form:

  1. Launch SFDC and generate the OneSource Order form. Save a copy of the original order form to your desktop and/or note the current totals for locators and users in your notes. 
  2. Open the Quick Quote Calculator and select the Customer Service Only tab.
  3. In the correct section enter the original count and cost from the original order form as well as the new desired count.
  4. The new locator or user cost will be automatically calculated and should be used on the renewal quote. Important items to note when decreasing counts:
    • The per locator/user value fields show the amount the renewal will decrease by per locator or user.
    • The per locator/user amount is not a standard amount in the calculator view. Keep in mind many of these firms have grandfathered pricing. 
    • Locators/users not renewed will be added at standard pricing if ordered at a later date.
    • If the per locator or user value is significantly lower than the standard rate it may be advantageous to keep more than needed to avoid forfeiting the grandfathered rate.
    • If adjusting locators, be sure FormSource quantities are updated to match the total number of locators.
  5. With the new pricing calculated open the renewal quote in SFDC and navigate to the Quote Line Items sections and click Add/remove materials. How to open a renewal quote.
    1. Click the Quotes tab shown below.

      Quotes Tab

    2. Click the name of the renewal quote to open it. A renewal quote will be named XXXX GoSystem Tax Renewal where XXXX is the tax year that needs to be renewed.

      Renewal Quote Name

    3. Scroll down the page to find the Quote Line Items section and click the Add/Remove materials button.

      Add/Remove Matiereals

  6. Click the List of Materials Added tab and enter the new locator and/or user pricing quantities. Click finish and then save on the next screen to save changes. Show me.
    List of Matiereals Added
    • If the contract is being edited after the current year of GST has been released, the Requested Delivery Date will need to be changed before changes can be saved. Click on Edit Quote Line Item and remove every entry in the Requested Delivery Date field and click Save when done.
  7. In the Edit Quote Line Item screen ensure all materials are marked as renewable and that the billing frequency is correct. By default this will be set to monthly, see GoSystem Tax RS renewal terms and billing schedule. Click Save to complete.

    Note: Everything on the renewal quote should be marked as renewal. In the Line Type column mark Renewal for all materials listed on the renewal quote, even for items that were not previously owned.

  8. Navigate back to the Quote Line Items section and click Price Quote. This will update pricing for anything that was changed to standard pricing on the quote. Show me
    Price Quote
  9. Using the calculated values from the Quick Quote Calculator change the prices on the quote for all years of the renewal term and click Save
  10. Navigate to the top of the page and click the Edit button to add a note about what was changed on the renewal. Enter the detail of what was changed (including quantity and price) in the Notes to Self/Manager field, and click Save.
  11. At the top of the screen click Submit for Sales approval to initiate the approval process and to finalize the new order form. Once the changes to the renewal quote have been approved a notification will be sent via email and the new order form can be generated and sent to the external user to review and sign.
    • If you need to make a change to the contract after submitting it for approval, click the Recall Approval Request button at the bottom of the quote page. This will remove the quite from a pending approval stage and will allow you to make edits.

A base contract includes 4 users and 20 locators, renewal quotes cannot be decreased below these counts.

Increasing locator or user count

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