Internal: GoSystem RS breakeven information

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The point at which the cost to purchase an unlimited license is the same as the cost to pay per return is the breakeven point. The current transaction fee and the cost to purchase a given unlimited license determines the breakeven point. You will need to have a copy of the current GoSystem RS contract available.

To pull a GoSystem RS usage report, follow these steps. Note the access to step one is limited to CS Seniors and above. This request can be sent to the CS CF if you don't have access to the report.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Document List
  3. Expand Public Folders
  4. Expand Team Folders
  5. Expand Thomson Tax & Accounting
  6. Click Sales
  7. Locate and double click the report named “GoSystem Usage report”
  8. Access the User Prompt input screen by clicking at the top of the far left pane; it is indicated by a question mark with parenthesis around it
  9. Enter the desired date range to search in the “From” and “To” fields
  10. Enter the 10 digit account number in the Enter value field
  11. Click Run located above the date range field
  12. Select Export Data to CSV, then click Ok on the pop up screen
  13. Open with Excel
  14. To pull the usage report for EFILE and/or PYA  delete unnecessary columns and only keep the following columns
    1. Locator Code
    2. Tax Year
    3. Tax Type
    4. Created on Calendar Date Char (this is the date that the transaction was billed)
    5. Material Sales Desc
    6. Billed Net
    7. Billed Quantity
  15. Add a filter to sort the excel file
  16. Filter “Material Sales Desc” to focus on either EFILE or PYA (whatever the purpose of the report is for)
  17. After the report has been sorted, highlight “billed net value” to determine the total cost of transactional fees 

To determine the breakeven:

  1. To determine whether or not the firm should move to unlimited EFILE or PYA, add up their current contract and do not count any unlimited module.
  2. Once you have the total, Check the Quick Quote Calculator to determine the cost for Unlimited EFILE or Unlimited PYA