Internal: Changing price increase percentage in Salesforce

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If a GoSystem RS firm will have a different price increase than a standard firm, the changes must be manually updated by the Customer Service representative in the contract. Permission must be received from the GoSystem RS team leader or above to make this change. To make the change, use the following directions:;

  1. Open the current renewal quote in SFDC.
  2. Open a new tab in your browser and access the most recent GST renewal and look at the contract.
    • Find most recent processed renewal under the quotes tab
    • Click Generate Documents
    • Click on the blue link for OneSource Order Form
      • You can also mark the checkbox for OneSource Order Form and click Generate documents.
    • Add the correct price increase percentage and make note of the dollar amount for each billable line items.
      • For example, a 4% increase on an order line item of $200 will be $208.
  3. In the current GST renewal go to the Quote Detail page (this is the page where the contract prices are changed).
  4. Manually type in the prices calculated in step 2, point 4 above.
  5. Click Price Quote and verify pricing entered is still reflected. It may be necessary to re-enter the correct pricing. Once pricing is correct, click Save.
  6. Once prices are correct, click Submit for Sales Approval to finalize the new prices. Once the changes to the renewal quote have been approved a notification will be sent via email and the new order form can be generated and sent to the external user to review and sign.