Internal: Coterminous Subscriptions in (SFDC)

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Making a new order for materials coterminous means that the ordered materials will be for a term that matches the remainder of the current contract term. For example if a firm just renewed this year for a total of 3 years and are ordering an additional user after the fact, that user would not have to be re-ordered in the subsequent 2 years of the contract. This is because the number of years for the add-on order would match the number of years remaining in the contract.

When handling requests for additional products it is important to determine if those items will be needed throughout the remainder of the agreement before completing the order. Follow the step below to determine if the current contract is a multi-year:

  1. Launch SFDC, once logged in search by the GST four digit alpha-numeric PAN or the ten digit SAP ID (Hint, most SAP ID's begin with 100428XXXX.). Click on the firm name to open the account.
  2. Hover over subscriptions and click Go to list (50+) for a full list of all subscriptions.
  3. On the right side of the next page, click the “Contract End Date” column to filter by descending order to determine the contract end-date.
  4. Clarify if the additional items will be needed for the remaining life of the agreement. For details about how to placed the order, see Creating a quote in SalesForce.