Internal: Generating GoSystem Tax RS renewal documents

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Renewal documents for GoSystem Tax RS (GST) can be generated directly from (SFDC).  For more information about creating and generating documents for add-on orders rather than renewals see, Creating a new Quote in (SFDC). Following the steps below to generate renewal documents:

  1. Launch SFDC and enter the GST PAN or the  SAP ID into the search field. (Hint, most SAP ID's begin with 100428XXXX.).
  2. Click the firm name to open the account.
  3. Hover over the Quotes Tab in the upper portion of the screen. Show me.
    Quotes Tab
  4. Click the renewal quote to open it. True renewal quotes will be named XXXX GoSystem Tax Renewal where XXXX indicates the tax year that needs to be renewed. Show me.
    Renewal Quote
  5. Click Generate Documents in the top portion of the screen to open the full list of documents available to be generated.
  6. The following documents need to be selected:
    • Transaction Fees Pricing Addendum
    • OneSource Order Form
    • OneSource Customer Information Form
  7. Press the CRTL key and click the above document names to open each in a new tab.
  8. Save the documents to the local workstation, renaming the file to contain the GST Id.
  9. With the documents saved send to the external user via email. Include instructions to initial each page of the transaction addendum and order form (signing the last of each). Signed renewal documents may be returned to or faxed to 734-426-5946.

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