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A locator is a tax return which has a 6 digit alpha/numeric code assigned to it by GoSystem Tax RS.  A locator transfer occurs when a locator is requested to be transferred from one GoSystem account to another.

Contact the transfer desk with any information that is being provided about a canceled request. An email containing all of the information the transfer desk requested, the GTAX case number, source account number, and destination account number should be sent to

Common Terms

Transfer Methods

Submitting Transfer Requests

Locator Transfer Fees

Turnaround Time

Reviewing Transfer Status 

Data regarding locator transfers is stored in GTAX, to launch GTAX click here. All communications sent to and from the transfer desk are logged within GTAX. A GTAX case is automatically created for all incoming emails sent to Prior to 03/01/2016 locator transfer data was stored in GoFileRoom. If access to archived GoFileRoom data is needed, contact the Transfer Desk via email.

Searching for a case

To search for a case using GTAX follow the steps below.

  1. Obtain the following information:
    • Source Account Name and Number
    • Source Contact Name (the person that submitted the request)
    • Destination Account Name and Number
    • Request Date
  2. In the search field type the source account number or name
  3. Look at the following to identify the correct case:
    • Case date
    • Contact name
    • Subject line
    • Case owner alias
  4. Open the appropriate case by clicking the subject line

Reviewing a case for additional information

Read everything related to the case:

Compliance policy requires that all requests and authorization must be submitted by the source account.

In House Locator Transfers

GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS Conversion

Note: When completing the locator transfer form for a GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS conversion, all locator numbers must be listed on the form. Even if all the locators in the account will be transferred, the individual locator numbers need to be listed for documentation purposes.

National Accounts

The Transfer Desk continues to process requests submitted by the following National Accounts:

Top 7 National Accounts handled by the OneSource Transfer Desk:

All requests where the source account is one of the top seven national accounts listed above must be submitted to

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