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GoSystem accounts cannot be merged in the same process as the CS Professional Suite products. However, we understand basic business deals, such as mergers and acquisitions will happen through the lifetime of a business. Customer Service will assist with accommodating such changes by guiding the firm through the process. Processes such as adding modules to a contract, assisting with the locator transfer process, and setting proper expectations of timing and billing. 

If one GoSystem RS firm is merging with another, the acquiring firm will generally need to purchase additional locators, users, plus any other additional necessary modules, and transfer the acquired locator data into the main account. All add-ons will be at standard pricing, and is noted on the Pricing Addendum for each contract. However, there are two general scenarios for a merge and they are detailed below.

Scenario 1

Firm A is being acquired by Firm B. Firm A has completed their contract term, and a new tax year is approaching.

  1. Firm A will not renew the coming tax season. Firm B will add new modules to their renewal to accommodate Firm A totals.
  2. Firm A will transfer all locators to Firm B to give Firm B their data.
    • For example, they are transferring 100 locators to firm B.
  3. The Customer Service Representative assisting with the merge will add an equal number of free locators to Firm B to accommodate the locator transfer.
    • For example, they will receive 100 free locators to accommodate for each locator that is transferred and subsequently opened. The licenses will be for the current year.
    • See the adding new modules to GST renewals article for how to add the free locators.
  4. Firm B needs to open and review all returns to ensure data is moved properly.
    • This is needed to ensure Firm B is not charged for the locators being rolled into their account.
    • Any new locators that were not transferred are valid charges and will not be credited/refunded.

Scenario 2

Firm A is being acquired by Firm B and is still in a multi-year contract. The best practice is to keep locators and users under Firm A, and update demographic information to match Firm B appropriately. If accounts must be merged, the following steps are needed:

Keep the GST Specialist and/or Team Lead involved throughout this process

  1. Firm A contract is canceled with permission from the GoSystem RS Customer Service Team Lead, or above. See the GST renewal cancellation article for more information.
  2. Contract commitments (number of locators and users) are added to the Firm B contract if needed. For details, see Creating a new quote in SalesForce.
  3. Firm A will transfer all locators to Firm B.
    • Locator open history will be lost with the transfer and Firm B will be charged or docked a locator when opening any of Firm A's locators.
    • The Representative assisting with the merge will monitor the Fed/State Usage Report under Firm A to see how many locators have been open thus far in the current year. We will add an equal number of $0 locators to firm B in a non-renewable quote. 
    • See the GST browser reports article for how to find the Fed/State Usage report.
  4. Contract renewals going forward will be for the appropriate number of locators and users.