Internal: GoSystem name, address, and contact role changes

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Changes to name, address, or contact roles are made to the firm's (SFDC) record. These changes are made by the WSS Order Processing team by creating a case. The required form and information will depend on the type of request. For good record keeping, EMS should also be updated when possible, see Records Management Guidelines and Procedures.

Firm Name Changes

  • The TRTA Customer Name Change form must be completed for any requests to make changes to the firm name on file. This form is accessible on the Forms pod of Internal Tools. The form may be emailed to an external user to complete.
  • Both the Assignor and Assignee section must be completed by the RS administrator. The Assignor and Assignee may be the same entity.
  • Once the completed form has been received by the Customer Service representative, the name can be changed in EMS.
  • The Customer Service Representative can then send the form to be processed by creating a case.
  • If the licensee is the firm name, an Enterprise License Transfer form is required

Address Changes

Generating the CIF in SFDC

  1. Launch SFDC and enter the account number into the search field
  2. Select the desired account from the list
  3. Scroll down the account page to the heading Description and click Generate CIF
  4. Email a PDF copy of this form to the external user

Note: Changes to the listed information should be written in and returned to WSS Order Processing by creating a case. The Bill-To, Ship-To, and Payer contact role can be a specific contact or the name of the firm.

Role Changes

Within GoSystem, multiple contact roles can exist. They include the RS Administrator, Billing, and Shipping contacts. Any changes to contact roles must be made using the CIF. Special consideration needs to be given to changes to the RS Administrator role, see below.

  • If the Sold To contact information needs to be updated for a renewal, the Customer Service Representative will need to update the GoSystem RS contract before it's sent to the customer to sign.

Updating the RS Administrator will not automatically update the Sold To contact. The Customer Service representative will need to resend the contract to show the updated Sold To contact. 

RS Administrator changes

The RS Administrator serves as the equivalent of the licensee role within CS Professional Suite applications. Requests for changes to this role should be treated similarly to a license transfer request. For more information on a CS Professional Suite license transfer, see the Process for completing a license transfer article.