Internal: Prior Year Access (PYA) for GoSystem Tax RS

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Access to the current tax year and one year prior is included with all GoSystem Tax RS software subscriptions. Meaning, an external user can open a locator in the current tax year and view the prior year's return at no additional cost. The current tax year is defined by the latest released version year of the GoSystem Tax RS platform. For example, if today's date is December 16th, 2016, an external user could access a 2016 and/or a 2015 return at no additional cost.

Opening a locator from any other year will be subject to a transactional fee, for additional details see Internal: Billing for prior year access in GoSystem Tax RS. Firms should consider adding an unlimited prior year access module subscription if they that anticipate accessing a high volume of prior year locators. The unlimited module allows access to any available tax year for a flat up-front fee, for additional details for adding the module, see Creating a quote for an add-on order in

Availability of access to prior tax years

Verifying access to prior years

A firm can only access the prior years that they have subscribed to, even if they own the unlimited module. There is no cost to add on the access for an available prior year; a firm may subscribe to all available years. Access fees are assessed either transactional as a prior year locator is opened or as a flat up-front fee for unlimited prior year access.

Complete the following steps to verify which prior years a firm is subscribed to.      


  1. Launch SFDC and click on the Subscriptions link at the top of the screen. Show me

    Viewing Subscriptions

  2. Click the "Go To list" in the bottom left to open the full listing of material subscriptions for the account. Show me

    Go To List

  3. Click on the Material Number column heading to sort by material name, this allows the ctrl+F function to be utilized. 
  4. Type "PYA XXXX" into the search bar where XXXX represents the desired prior year to be accessed.
  5. If the desired year does not appear in the listed materials it will need to be added by creating a SFDC quote that specifies the tax year needed and the current tax it's needed in. See Creating a new Quote in (SFDC) for information on creating the order.
    • For example, if the tax year is 2016, and a firm needs to open a 2012 return, the quote will need to be for 2012 PYA for Tax Year 2016 for $0.