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Returned signed renewal paperwork is submitted for processing through (SFDC). For more information about creating and processing documents for add-on orders rather than renewals see, Creating a new Quote in (SFDC). To submit returned signed renewal documents to WSS Order Processing follow the steps below:

  1. Review the returned documents for correctness. Incorrect or incomplete orders cannot be submitted for processing. Check for the following:
    • Each page of the Order Form and the Transaction Fees Pricing Addendum has been initialed.
    • The last page of each has been signed.
    • If either of the above has note been completed or are missing contact the sender to provide the missing or correctly completed paperwork.
  2. Verify that the individual signing the renewal documents is an authorized signor.
    • Renewal documents may only be accepted if signed by an authorized individual. An authorized individual is defined as someone who is already on the contact list and has a title of RS Admin or partner and above.
    • Ideally, this would the RS Admin as they fill the role of the licensee for GoSystem Tax RS.
    • If the returned paperwork is not signed by an authorized individual a letter will be required granting the authority to sign renewal documents. It must be on company letterhead and signed by an executive or higher.
  3. Save a copy of completed paperwork to the local workstation, renaming the file to contain the GST ID.

    Note: Documents must be saved in an approved format prior to submitting to SAP for processing. Save returned documents either as PDF or DOC file formats. If documents are returned in .jpg or .tif file formats print and scan the documents to save as PDF files.

  4. Launch SFDC, and enter the GST PAN or the SAP ID into the search field.  (Hint, most SAP ID's begin with 100428XXXX.).
  5. Click on the firm name to open the account.
  6. Hover over the Quotes Tab in the upper portion of the screen. Show me.
    Quotes Tab
  7. Click the renewal quote to open it. True renewal quotes will be named XXXX GoSystem Tax Renewal where XXXX indicates the tax year that needs to be renewed. Show me.
    Renewal Quote
  8. Click Create SAP Order in the top portion of the screen to create the email that will be sent to WSS Order Processing.

    If the Create SAP Order button is not available, the order still requires sales approval, needs to be the primary quote, or has already been submitted to SAP. The Primary Quote checkbox can be found by clicking the Edit button in the renewal. Once marked and saved, resubmit the renewal for sales approval and the SAP button should show up. If the order has been submitted to SAP incorrectly send a message to WSS Order Processing and provide the existing IDOC to be canceled. This can be found in the System Information section of the quote. Once the IDOC has been canceled the quote will show a status of "Declined" and the Create SAP Order button will be present. 

  9. Click the attach file button to open the dialog and follow the steps below to attach the signed paperwork.
    • Click Choose file to select the file from the local workstation.
    • Click Upload Attachment to upload the selected file.
    • Click Close Window to return to the previous screen.
  10. Special notes or instructions can be entered in the Special Notes or Information comment field.
  11. In the Instruction/Explanation field enter a brief description of the documents attached or an explanation for why there are none. ($0 Orders)
  12. Click send email to complete submission to WSS Order Processing. A system generated auto-response will be sent to you. This will act as confirmation of receipt of your submission.

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