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A renewal may be canceled in the first year without penalty on or before November 1st of the same year the renewal was processed. For example, if a renewal is processed on June 10th and the firm contacts Customer Service in September of the same year requesting to cancel there would be no penalty. A signed letter on company letterhead would be required.

Every attempt should be made to save the renewal, see No Longer Using (NLU) for GoSystem Tax RS specific positioning tips. If the renewal cannot be saved data retention plans must also be discussed, see GoSystem Tax RS data retention plans.

Cancellation requests from Enterprise accounts should be directed via email to the Client Services Team.

Positioning for cancellation requests after November 1st

Handling guidelines for renewal cancellations

After November 1st

A formal request on company letterhead that is signed by an authorized representative on the contact list must be submitted for cancellation. If a multi-year contract has been signed the external user is responsible for the full value of all remaining years. The net cancellation amount can be provided by following the steps below.

  1. Review the current contract to determine the amount of time remaining in the contract. The contract end date can be found using (SFDC), see Viewing subscriptions in (SFDC).
  2. If renewal is set up for monthly billing, determine the number of months remaining for the current year in additional to the number of contract years remaining. This can be done by reviewing invoices within SFDC, see GST: Viewing invoice information in (SFDC).
  3. Apply the appropriate price increase to the remaining years of the contract.  Unless the current CPI rate is greater than 4% or the firm is on non-standard terms apply a 4% price increase. 
  4. Add the remaining amount in the current year to the total value of each remaining year for the full cancellation cost.
  5. Once cancellation request in writing has been received, create a case to request an invoice for the remaining balance. Typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
  6. Work with the Customer Service GoSytem Tax RS  Specialist to finalize the cancellation process. They will be responsible for entering any applicable product lapses at the appropriate time.
  7. The CS representative handling the cancellation will also update EMS renewal plans and indicate as NLU. For instructions on the update, see the No Longer Using (NLU) article.

An example of calculating the full cancellation cost of a three year contract valued at $5,000 in year one is given below.

Any deviation from the 100% liability should be reviewed with the Customer Service Call Facilitator. This request would require approval from the Customer Service GoSystem Tax RS Specialist or a Client Services Manager (up to 90%). Any requests for less than 90% liability must be approved by the Enterprise Client Services Team Leader.

Before November 1st (within same year renewal was processed)

Obtain a formal request in writing from an authorized individual at the firm and work with the Customer Service GoSytem Tax RS Specialist to complete the cancellation request. Also ensure the EMS renewal plans are updated to indicate NLU. For instructions on the update, see the No Longer Using (NLU) article.

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