Internal: GoSystem Tax contracts & contract renewal process overview

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The GoSystem Tax licenses or subscriptions a firm owns - such as users, locators, and modules - is referred to as their contract. You can use SalesForce to view a firm's current subscriptions or renewal order form. A contract renewal is only required when the term of the last signed contract is ending. Terms can be adjusted to one, two, or five years upon request. For details, see GoSytem Tax renewal terms and billing schedule.

GoSystem Tax products and services are licensed under a contract based license model that is legally binding. By default, contract terms are set to three years. Before signing and returning contract renewal order forms users must review the contract terms. If a multi-year contract has been signed the external user is responsible for the full value of all remaining years. For details, see Internal: GoSystem Tax contract cancellations.

Renewals for GoSystem Tax RS (GST) become available just after the close of the current tax season, typically late April each year. Enterprise accounts up for renewal will be contacted directly by their Client Service Manager to discuss renewal options. To assist a core account in completing the renewal process, follow the guidelines provided below.

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