Internal: GoSystem Tax RS renewals frequently asked questions

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How should the renewal documents be completed?

Who can sign renewal documents?

Is there an early renewal incentive or discount?

Where can completed renewals be sent to?

What is the turnaround time for processing?

How are renewals billed?

What is the GoSystem Tax RS transactional pricing addendum?

Are there any self-service options for renewing?

Who can make changes to renewal documents?

How can updates to contact information be made?

When will GoSystem Tax RS be released?

How do I find how many organizers a firm has printed?

  1. Log in to GoWeb
  2. Click Reports < PreSeason Reports < Report Type by Account (Completed Organizers) < Enter Acct # < Add < check box select all < submit
  3. Compare number on report to GoSystem Tax RS Renewal
  4. To calculate cost of reduced number of Organizers divide total amount of organizers by amount on renewal order form
    • Take this number times the number of organizers the client wants to purchase on their renewal
  5. Edit quote to revise number of organizers on renewal
  6. Firm will be billed for each additional organizer they print that's over the amount on their renewal 

What are the shipping codes listed in GoWeb?

The numbers in the Ship Mode column of the Distribution screen in GoWeb represent the shipping mode used to send the shipment to the customer. See the following chart to determine what the codes mean for the customer:

Ship mode code Shipping type Day and time available for delivery
81 Next morning M-F by 10:30 am
82 Next day PM delivery M-F by 3:30 pm
83 Second day air M-F by 5 pm
84 UPS Ground M-F in 2-5 business days
85 Express Mail Next day by 4 pm
86 First class mail M-S
87 International express M-F
60 Hold for pickup n/a