Internal: Viewing Subscriptions in SalesForce (SFDC)

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Subscriptions is a term used to describe the products or materials that are available for use by a specific account. Subscriptions indicate what is accessible for the external user in GoSystem Tax RS (GST). For a full listing of all available modules, see GST: Glossary of Available Modules. A full list of a specific account's current subscriptions can be viewed within SFDC.

How to view Subscriptions in SFDC

  1. Launch SFDC, once logged in search by the GST four digit alpha-numeric PAN or the ten digit SAP ID (Hint, most SAP ID's begin with 100428XXXX.). Click on the firm name to open the account.
  2. Click on Subscriptions tab on the top of the Account Information page and choose the "Go to List" option located at the bottom of the Subscriptions section.
  3. A full list of all of the current subscriptions will now be available.

Tips for Finding Information on the Subscriptions Page