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Enabling Client Access will allow a firm's client to run Accounting CS from their NetClient CS portal. This requires that a firm have Virtual Office, SaaS, or Firm hosted Client Access licensing (code "ACSFHCA" which is available free of charge from the firm's CS Sales Representative). Detailed information on the features that are available for client use is documented externally, see Accounting CS Client Access feature available for client use.

The set-up/activation process is also documented externally in the Help & How-To Center, see Setting up a client for Accounting CS Client Access. Customer Service representatives should not be providing a walk through of the set up process.

Pricing Guidelines

A fee for each enabled Client Access client will be assessed monthly as part of the firm's Web Services billing. For additional information about Web Services billings, see Web Services Billing Basics. Pricing is available through the CS Professional Suite Website, see the CS Professional Suite price list for current pricing.

Client Access billing is waived in two situations:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is payroll set up only?

Enables the firm's client to set up payroll information for their employees and to access payroll reports, but restricts access to payroll processing screens.

Can a firm view their Client Access clients on NetClient?

No, everything is done through Accounting CS. To view go to Setup|Firm Information|Client Staff and click on the Client Access tab. Internally this can be viewed in EMS in the Web Services Client screen. Client Access charges are available on the billing report for web services. Steps to view the billing report are available in the Viewing the billing report.

What resources are available for assistance?