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Renewals for all Practice CS firms and all non-tax products on Virtual Office CS are completed automatically prior to the actual release of the program. This is to prevent a lockout from occurring once the new version of the software has been released. For Practice CS, this is part of the new Master Service Agreement (MSA). For Virtual Office CS firms, this is a part of the license agreement and is to ensure seamless functionality. If a firm does not want to renew automatically in either situation, we will need notice 90 days prior to the expiration date. If they did not want to renew, and were renewed, see this article for more information on refunds.

New for 2017: Practice CS will be automatically renewed for all firms that agree to the MSA and have approved the auto renewal, unless the firm has requested to not be auto-renewed or has already processed the renewal. See the Setting up your Practice auto renewal article for more information. Support is to be provided to all Practice CS firms until 10/15/2017.


Note: "Auto-Renewals" are a manual processing that is completed by the Order Entry Team. For this reason, the exact timeframe for when each is completed is dependent upon volume. Typically this completed over the course of a week, and after the product's expiration date as already passed and before the product update is released.


Not Renewing Specific Modules

If a firm contacts Thomson Reuters before we process their renewal to inform us that they are no longer using a specific module and do not plan to renew then Customer Service will need to mark the product as No Longer Using in EMS so that the product does not auto renew next year. Do NOT NLU any web products.