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Each of our renewal campaigns includes an expired audience of firms that did not renew last year and maybe did not renew the prior year. Customer Service may be asked to call these firms to discuss renewing/reinstating their software. Follow all the steps in the procedure outlined below.

  1. Open Flash and ensure the Working Dept is set to Customer Service. On the left side menu, click Call/tickets then Campaigns. In the Campaign Tickets (Customer Service) view, using the drop down menu located next to Unassigned, select the audience you are scheduled to call on (for example, UTREN18) and then select the expired audience you are to call on (for example, CS-FEDE).
  2. Select a ticket from the list and check their time zone to ensure you are calling during the firm's standard business hours. Click Select for call to open an outbound call ticket for the firm.
  3. Before calling the firm, check the Customer Service call notes to be sure they are not already working with another representative on their renewal, and then check the product expiration date in EMS to be sure they have not already renewed.

    Note: If they have renewed, close the campaign ticket and move to the next firm on the Campaign list.

  4. Call the firm and ask for the Licensee, Delegate, or Billing contact.
    • If the requested contact is available:
      • Ask about the software renewal/reinstatement plans and offer to help them renew online. You can also ask if they would prefer to renew over the phone or if they would like you to email a copy of the invoice to them.
      • Log the call in Flash with as much detail as you can, including their renewal plans or status. An example would be, "Helped the user renew online," or "Emailed the renewal invoice to the user."
      • Update renewal plans in EMS. Examples include, "WRL6" and "Emailed renewal invoice to Carol today." Or, "Unsure" and "Emailed renewal invoice to Carol today for her consideration."
      • Close the ticket, unless you need to follow up again.
    • If you reach a receptionist or voicemail:
      • Leave a detailed message for the contact asking for a call back or for them to renew online.
      • Log the attempt in Flash. The call notes could show, "Attempted to call, left a voicemail regarding their UT"
      • Send the expired campaign Kana hotkey for that product family to the contact letting them know you tried to reach them about their product, "which expired on..." Ensure the dates in the email make sense.
      • Log the Kana in Flash and change the ticket status to New, click OK to save the ticket. Then click Edit and remove your initials from the For Rep field and click Apply Edit to save the changes. Do not leave the ticket in your initials.
      • Push the campaign ticket out two weeks, or to the date given to you by the Product Lead for that product.

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