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Firms in Flash and EMS can be distinguished by the color of the bar located at the top of the page. Below is a key as to what type of firm each color represent.

Firm Type Color Definition Example ID
Strategic White Top 100 firms 20443
Global Green Top 7 firms, formerly referred to National Accounts. See Internal: National Account handling. 54124
Enterprise/Large Red Firms with 30+ employees 55460
Canada Orange Firms located in Canada 440802
Emerging Purple Firms that spend less than $2,500 across Tax Professional business units 568365
Secondary Yellow Firm is a secondary location to a primary firm. 75338
All other firms Gray Firm is not categorized in any of the above audiences. 29912

The color is automatically set when the account is created. For account type changes, contact Sales Reception and provide detail on what needs to change and why.