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Firms in Flash and EMS can be distinguished by the color of the bar located at the top of the page. Below is a key as to what type of firm each color represent.

Firm Type Color Definition Example ID
Enterprise Red Firms with 30+ employees 20443
International Orange Firms located outside of the United States and it's territories 440802
myPay client Yellow Firm is a client of our customer, and they use the myPay service. 550832
National Account Firm Green Top 7 National Accounts. See Internal: National Account handling. 215274
West Coast Firm Salmon Firms located in AK, CA, HI, OR, and WA 286931
Value Segment Firm Blue These are typically AgileTax customers, and Value Segment refers to the fact that they are below the price range/complexity of our standard CS Professional Suite, but currently or have recently had the products. 29912

The color is automatically set when the account is created. For account type changes, contact Sales Reception and provide detail on what needs to change and why.