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Billing cycles

General Past Due Guidelines that Accounts Receivable (AR) follows should a firm go all the way through our collection processes, except for web services. See the Purple Penny process or the Hub for details of the AR Strategy for Core and Enterprise firms. In general the guidelines are as follows:

Accounts Receivable hold

When a firm is on a F & A Hold they lose access to CS Connect, and will get a message in the software letting them know they need to contact Customer Service to discuss the balance. A CS rep and anyone in the firm with a account with Admin privileges can pay the invoices in their entirety and have access to the software immediately.

Web services specific information

Because web services are hosted by Thomson Reuters, the collections process will move more quickly.

Communicating with AR

If you need to communicate with the AR department, they operate in a similar fashion to CS.

Various types of invoices

There are a couple of different types of invoices Thomson Reuters may send to a firm. The general codes these are listed under are as follows:

Refund methods

Refunds for invoices are submitted various ways, depending on the type of invoice, amount, and who approved:

Technical support

Web services



Credit limits per level

Credit limits are granted per Customer Service level, and are listed as follows:

Level PRP Support Dispute Web Services
1/2 $300 $250 $100
Senior $300 $250 $570
Specialist $300 $570 $570
Team Lead $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Manager and above Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Other AR notes

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