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Payments that are not completed on time, or additional billing disputes and concerns can affects a users access to their CS Profession Suite applications. Thomson Reuters will make reasonable efforts to resolve billing disputes before a hold is placed on an account, and services are either charged additional fees or service is disrupted. Below are the policies and procedures for handling various aspects of Accounts Receivable requests.

Accounts Receivable hold

When a firm is on a Finance & Administrative (F & A) Hold they lose access to CS Connect, and will get a message in the software letting them know they need to contact Customer Service to discuss the balance. A CS rep and anyone in the firm with a account with Admin privileges can pay the invoices in their entirety and have access to the software immediately.

Web services specific information for an AR hold

Because web services are hosted by Thomson Reuters, the collections process will move more quickly.

Communicating with AR

If you need to communicate with the AR department, they operate in a similar fashion to CS.

Billing cycles

The following timeline represent how an unpaid invoice is handled after the payment due date has passed. See the Purple Penny process for further details of the AR Strategy for Core and Enterprise firms. In general the guidelines for handling an unpaid invoice are as follows:

Insufficient funds fee

Non-sufficient funds fee (NSF): also referred to as insufficient funds fee; assessed if a direct debit account does not have adequate funds to process the payment. To avoid the fee, encourage customers to log in to their account on CS Web to monitor their payment methods and history.

The NSF fee is shown on the invoice details in the Payment Detail section when reviewing an invoice. If a customer is requesting the fee be waived, talk to the CF before contacting Order Team and/or the Finance director to get approval to waive the fee. We rarely waive the fee.

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