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Before requesting that a disputed call to support be review, it should be considered that reviews are completed by senior members of our technical support staff. For a full list see Support Billing- List of Billing Reviewers by Product. If the call in question is less than an hour in length a review is not required. For guidelines on issuing goodwill credits to support invoices, see Support Disputes.  If further consultation on the invoice in question is needed and a review is not warranted see the Customer Service Call Facilitator.


Escalation process

Placing a disputed call under review

  1. Advise the caller that you will work in conjunction with technical support staff to complete a full review of the call or calls in question.  The review process requires 5 to 7 business days to complete and you will contact them once it as been completed.
  2. In the call ticket, above the logged call notes; enter the product and specific call(s) disputed. List all calls for that product with date and time information. Each product with disputed calls must have its own open ticket.
  3. Change the initials of the ticket to the support representative assigned to review disputes on that product, see Support Billing- List of Billing Reviewers by Product .
  4. Set the call back date forward 5 business days. Change the ticket to ‘Open” and press ‘OK’.    
  5. If the firm is on Accounts Receivable hold (no support or shipments) pass the call to the AR department to handle.
  6. Support will review all open tickets with these indicators. When they have finished, the support rep will enter notes and amount to credit and enter the initials of the rep that originated the open ticket(s).

Sharing the results of the review

  1. Review the outcome of the review and contact the customer. The call back to the user needs to take place the same business day the review is completed, if this is not possible then call within the next 24 hours. Communicate to the user they are responsible for the balance.
  2. In your communication with a user, if the result is a goodwill credit, be sure to position it as an act of goodwill and not an admission of fault. Set the expectation that support calls are billable and the terms of our license clearly express our intent to collect what is rightfully owed. Conversely, a legitimate credit from support is an admission of error rather than a concession. Support Billing Guidelines are available externally, click here to view the PDF.
  3. After closing the call, place an Electronic Order Request (EOR) to have any credits applied. The EOR should indicate all of the below.
    • Credit amount
    • Type, either goodwill (CRG) or legitimate (CRL)
    • Reason for the credit
    • Initials of the reviewer who issued the CRL (if applicable)