Internal: Licensing grace periods for all CS Professional Suite applications

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Most CS Professional Suite applications will have a license expiration date embedded into the software. This is to ensure the firm has appropriate access for the right period of time that they have paid for. To help ensure access, we offer a grace period after the software has expired to give limited access to the software.

After the grace period is over, specific software limitations can take effect automatically. The important thing to remember and to convey to our users is that the licenses are expired, and there is no support, no program updates, and we cannot guarantee they will not run into problems.

Once the licenses are expired, the firm can lose access to the software by attempting to download updates, installing the program on a new workstation/server, or a computer crashing. When they lose access to the program, the only options are to download a trial license or renew the software based on the expiration date. For more information on renewing expired products, see Reinstatement policy for expired products.

Licensing Grace Periods

For more information on product specific grace periods, see the following resources.

CS Professional Suite application Standard license expiration Grace period end Information about expired licenses
Accounting CS March 1st 60 days after expiration
  • Information about expired licenses for Accounting CS
  • Accounting CS has a longer grace period because the standard expiration date of March 1 will cause the time out to happen on April 15, which is the traditional tax filing deadline and is not good timing for the firm to lose access.
FileCabinet CS November 1st 45 days after expiration Functionality available with an expired license
Fixed Assets CS November 1st 45 days after expiration Expired Licenses
Practice CS October 1st 45 days after expiration

Information about expired Practice CS licenses (PDF)

Expired license message for Project Staff, or Client Management module

UltraTax CS N/A, see information about expired licenses. N/A Up to a total of ten years of UltraTax CS (the current version year and nine years prior) are available on the Support Downloads page of our website. Firms have access to download up to the most current version year they have renewed.
Workpapers CS March 1st 60 days after expiration Information about expired licenses for Accounting CS

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