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Product maintenance cannot be invoiced, however annual renewal fees for CS Professional Suite applications may be broken up into smaller reoccurring payments. Maintenance and/or new product total must be greater than $750 to qualify and a minimum 25% down payment is required. The order total includes a non-refundable finance fee. The payment terms determine the amount of the financing fee. Any exceptions to finance terms require a Non-Standard Terms checklist to be completed. For details, see Non-Standard terms guidelines and procedures.

Standard Financing Options for all orders

Available financing terms will vary based on product and/or product family.

UltraTax CS

When available, financing terms can be set up by the user on our website. To do so, complete the following steps:

Note: Internal representatives cannot complete these steps on behalf of the customer via MKT, the customer must sign the finance terms. If the user cannot complete the renewal online, create financing terms manually. Complete the Finance form and send it to the customer to setup financing for their renewal.

  1. Visit the Manage my products page on our website and log in to your CS Web account.
  2. On the Review Order page mark the Check here to finance your renewal payment checkbox in the Financing section. The early renewal discount will automatically adjust to five percent after marking the checkbox.
  3. Select your preferred number of payment and desired initial payment. By default payments are made in equal amounts based on the number of payments selected.
  4. Enter your desired method of payment in the Payment Information section. Click the Process Renewal button to complete your renewal and charge the initial payment to your account. The dates shown in the Payment Schedule section reflect when we will process automatic charges to your account for remaining payments.

Former Agile Tax

Fixed AssetsCS, FileCabinet CS, and ToolBox CS (for firms without UltraTax CS)

Accounting Family

Practice CS

GoFileRoom CS