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No Longer Using (NLU) is the tag applied a product in the Renewal NLU screen when a user states they are no longer using the program. Customer Service Representatives will contact the licensee or other user in a firm that indicated NLU on a renewal as an opportunity to see why the user is not renewing the program. Finding out this information allows Customer Service to offer more value to the customer. It also provides an opportunity to keep the clients record up to date.

Positioning for saving the renewal

When an external user indicates that they do not plan to renew or they are considering another vendor it is important to ask questions to fully understand the driving force behind this decision. Positioning and considerations are given below by product to assist in trying to save an at risk renewal.

Ultra Tax CS

GoSystem Tax RS

Each of the below sections contain questions which an external user should consider (or ask a competitor how they compare) before making the decision not to renew.




Note: If the external user ultimately decides not to renew, update renewal plans to No Longer Using (NLU) in EMS and discuss data retention plans, see GoSystem Tax RS data retention plans. Instructions to NLU a product are listed below. For external users considering a transition to UltraTax CS, see GoSystem Tax RS to UltraTax CS transition process

GoFileRoom CS

Practice CS

Virtual Office CS

Creative Solutions Accounting and Client Bookkeeping Solutions

Information to gather 

Updating renewal plans in EMS

How to NLU a product in EMS

  1. Open Firm then click on the UT Renewal button
  2. Choose Major Product to NLU (select and other products in that family if they do not automatically get checked with the selection of the major product)
  3. Choose Loss Reason from the drop down list
  4. Choose the correct competitor in the "Choose Competitors" button
  5. If NLU'ing multiple products, right click in the Loss Reason box and select Apply "Reason for Loss" to all.

Note: For firms not renewing because of EFIN requirements or login security requirements, indicate this in the Notes field.

When and How to NUI (No Update Interest) a product in EMS

  1. NUI means nothing by itself. When marking NUI to a product, NLU must be updated as well including notes.
  2. Under Notes section, the first word needs to be the competitor they have switched to.  The competitor should be listed first so that when reports are pulled it is easy to see.  Example of incorrect notes: This firm is moving to Drake because of cost.  Correct Example: Drake, cost
  3. NUI is found under "Ren. Plans" in the UT Renewal Screen.
  4. If multiple products notes are being updated, right click in the Notes box and select Apply "Note" to all.

How to remove an NLU from a product 

  1. Open theFirm in EMS and then click on the UT Renewal button.
  2. Delete the text in the Notes section and uncheck the NLU Box.
  3. Save the changes.
  4. Once saved in EMS, the products will appear as active in Firm Products. Flash will be updated overnight.

**There will be circumstances when this will not update right away. If that is the case, un-NLU the product, Save, NLU it again, Save, and un-NLU it again.

What Happens to the Product When NLU Has Been Saved?

For further EMS Renewal Update information including other codes besides NUI and NLU click here.