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Thomson Reuters offers flexible financing guidelines that should be adhered to, see Maintenance financing guidelines. Some circumstances may warrant deviation from these guidelines, and these finance situations will need a non-standard term (NST) form completed to show that we have approved a non-standard financing arrangement. Work with the Customer Service Call Facilitator first before agreeing to extend any non-standard financing terms to a user. If an exception is made, then a NST form must be filled out by a Customer Service representative, and signed by a director. Follow the steps below to complete and submit a NST form after the proper approval has been granted.

  1. Open the Non-Standard Terms (NST) Agreement form from the Forms pod.
  2. Enter the Firm Name, Firm ID, Customer Service Rep initials, and Date of the request at the top of the form.
  3. Mark the product family that the request is for.
  4. Mark the Finance payments terms non-standard checkbox, and mark the appropriate option in the indented options below that option. You must mark at least one option to indicate why this is not a standard renewal. If there are other non-standard terms in the order we are noting, mark the appropriate checkbox. However, this will be rare in Customer Service.
  5. Explain the relevant details in the Please list all relevant details for review box.
    • For example, if it's an exception for UltraTax CS in which we are extending the payment period for UltraTax CS, explain that we are financing UT until March 1, 20xx and the firm is paying $500 now, and the remaining amount on 3/1/20xx.
  6. Print the document to GoFileRoom CS using the Printing to GFR for CS article instructions.
    • Select the name of the Director of Customer Service in the Customer Service Rep drop down menu to ensure they receive a notification of a pending document.
    • If the Director of Customer Service is not available, any director in User Services can approve the form. If you are unsure of how to contact them, work with a Customer Service Call Facilitator or Team Lead for assistance.