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Non-Standard Term (NST) Form

Thomson Reuters offers flexible financing guidelines that should be adhered to, see Maintenance financing guidelines. Some circumstances may warrant deviation from these guidelines, these are referred to as non-standard terms (NST). Work with the Customer Service Call Facilitator first before agreeing to extend any non-standard financing terms to an external user. If an exception is made, then an NST form must be completed. Follow the steps below to complete and submit an NST form after the proper approval has been granted.

In order for the NST form to print correctly to FileCabinet CS the form must be completed using Internet Explorer.

  1. Complete the Firm Name in the Customer Name field.
  2. Complete the Product/Service field.
  3. Enter the Firm ID.
  4. Enter today’s date.
  5. Mark the first field as 'Yes.'
  6. Check the box that is applicable for our financing exception.  Often this is the third box - 'Is the installment schedule not standard?'
  7. Summarize the exception in the comment box.  For example: Financing UT until Feb 15, 2014.  $500 now, remaining on 2/15/14.
  8. Print to PMS’s FileCabinet folder and notify Pat Sweet of the NST by email. Pat will be signing all NST forms since they require Director approval. If Pat is not available any User Services Director can approve the form but you will need to coordinate this.