Internal: On Demand Training Overview and Troubleshooting

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On-Demand Training is offered via CSWeb. The Customer Service Department is responsible for service and support for On-Demand Training.

  • The trainings are purchased once and available for six months for the entire firm.
  • There are two methods for purchase: Sales or CSWeb.
  • If the order for the training was placed via CSWeb, the On-Demand course will show up in My Training immediately. If the order is sent to Order Team, the course will show up after the order is processed (24-48 business hours).
  • The expiration date will be available at the bottom of the class title if you select the "+" for more information.
  • To provide feedback, there is a survey within the dashboard of each course.
  • An email confirmation will be sent to whoever has signed up for the training. In this email will be the System Requirements along with an On-Demand Checklist, and instructions on how to access the courses themselves.
  • CPE is not available.

A list of currently available courses can be found on the CS Professional Suite website, please direct external users here.  

  • When a firm buys an On-Demand class, they own it for six months from purchase date. In the first five months, if a staff member in the firm tries to purchase the same class the firm already owns, the Sales team will alert them and not let them purchase it in duplicate. After five months (in the last month of owning the class), if a staff member goes to purchase the same class, we would allow them to purchase it and they would have the new six months they purchased for their firm plus the remaining days (month) from the initial purchase.
  • Repurchase is the same as the initial purchase price.
  • The Sales team will receive an electronic pink slip two weeks out from the expiration date of the class.
  • The Licensee will receive an email regarding the class expiration date two weeks out from the expiration date.
  • At two weeks, as well as one day out from the expiration date, emails will be sent to the purchaser of the program.
  • The purchase and repurchase is primary revenue and should be handled through the Sales team.

This is an example of the email communication our users will be emailed for their Training Confirmation:

On-Demand Training Confirmation Email

If a firm is unable to view the training, there are several items to check:

  • Verify the firm has purchased the training and the order has been processed. Review the order history in EMS to confirm payment.
  • Verify the training is current and not expired.
    • This can be verified in EMS using the following steps:
      1. Click Applications
      2. Click Training/Seminars
      3. Click View Firm Enrollments
      4. Look for the On Demand training in the Upcoming Trainings section
  • The Customer Service Representative should try to replicate the error in multiple internet browsers. If the error is consistent, the CS Representative can contact CS Web Issues to confirm there is no bad data preventing the video from showing.
  • If CS Rep cannot replicate the error, check to see if the user can play other videos on the internet. If they cannot, it is internet browser troubleshooting, and beyond the scope of Customer Service assistance. 
  • If the video will not load, play, or otherwise crashes the user's browser, see Unable to play On Demand training or other CS Web video content
  • User Services Operations is a final resource to consult for the training not displaying.

A firm can purchase client-facing training content that is produced and hosted by Thomson Reuters. Upon purchase, the training will be found under Client Training section on the right side of the page for My Training. The firm will need to click the blue Configure My Client Training settings in order to allow the client to access the training. The firm is responsible for entering the specific text they would like to have showing (user name, access code, firm information, etc.) The firm can then preview what the training will look like and will have a link for the training on the setup page.

TCIS has created a video that is available to internal and external users that demonstrates how to set up the training.

If the training does not show, refer to the above troubleshooting steps. An additional contact for assistance is the TCIS Lead of E-Learning & External content.