Internal: Piracy Investigation and Resolution Guidelines

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In the event there is suspicion of piracy, it is important to obtain and clearly document all of the facts in Flash, and to assume positive intent with the firm. To handle the call with the most efficiency, review the below information as a guide to assist with the handling of a piracy related call.

Things to consider

If you suspect the firm is in breach of the license agreement, consider the following questions and ask open ended questions when trying to determine if the use of the software is appropriate. Document all questions and answers in your call notes.

Avoiding escalation

To avoid exacerbating the situation, consider the following points and how you can keep control of the situation.

Piracy Escalations

If you feel the situation is still of concern, or even a violation of the license agreement, use the following steps to reach out to the Licensing & Piracy (L&P) team.

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